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YouTube launches 3 updates for creators

YouTube launches 3 updates for creators

YouTube Studio receives three updates on mobile and desktop that help creators stay informed about data that matters to their channel.

The updates include:

Real-time enhanced maps An inbox for channel appointments Suggestions for auto-completion of hashtags

Here is more about each of these updates.

Improved real-time maps

The real-time maps in YouTube Studio on iOS and Android are being improved.


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These maps show up-to-the-minute data on important channel metrics such as number of subscribers and video views.

Real-time maps are enhanced at the video and channel level. The enhancements appear to be the addition of reach and engagement data, which now has dedicated tabs.

See an example below:

Previously, these maps showed only the basic summary data.


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This is part of an ongoing effort to achieve feature parity between YouTube Studio on mobile and desktop.

Mentions inbox

Creators now have access to a featured inbox in YouTube Studio. The inbox shows you all the places where your channel has been mentioned on YouTube.

If your channel e.g. Is checked in the comments section of another channel’s video is the enrollment inbox where you can go to find out more about it.

Replying to reviews can help get more eyes on your channel as it can make you more visible to different audiences.

The board’s inbox can be found where you can access viewer comments in YouTube Studio. A new tab allows you to switch between the comment box and the comment box.

This feature is only available on the desktop.

Suggestions for auto-completion of hashtags

Since YouTube launched searchable hashtags back in January, creators have asked for more guidance on how to use them.

Watch: YouTube launches new hashtag search results pages

In response, YouTube is launching hashtag autocomplete suggestions that will recommend relevant hashtags based on what is most popular.

The feature works in the same way as hashtag suggestions on Twitter and Instagram. Start writing hashtags, and YouTube shows possible tags for use with data on how many channels and videos each hashtag uses.

This is available across mobile and desktop on all platforms.


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Reminder: Dark mode on the desktop

Finally, the company reminds creators that dark mode is now available for YouTube Studio on the desktop.

For more information on these updates, watch the video below:

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