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YouTube enhances content discovery with the ‘New to You’ feed

YouTube enhances content discovery with the 'New to You' feed

YouTube adds a new feature to the mobile homepage designed to help users find more content they have not seen before.

In return, this should help channels get more videos discovered by people outside their existing audience.

The feature is called “New to you”, and as the name suggests, it curates a feed of content that is new to the individual user.

YouTube users are reportedly complaining that their home feeds are becoming obsolete with the same types of recommendations.

In response, YouTube built new for you, allowing users to explore beyond their typical recommendations and browse different types of videos related to their interests.


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Here’s more about news for you and how it can help get content in front of more viewers.

YouTube’s News for You ‘feed

YouTube’s new feature appears on users’ mobile homepages in two ways.

The first way YouTube refers to as New to You when updating appears at the front of the topic carousel at the top of the screen.

When users tap it, they will see a whole new set of recommendations with content that they have not seen before.


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The second way that users will encounter this feature is fast.

News for you at quick triggers when users scroll far enough down in their feed without finding anything to see.

An option directly in the feed will invite users to take advantage of the New feed for you. It takes users into a new set of exploratory recommendations where they can find new types of videos.

New for you vs Explore feed

YouTube points out that the New to You feed is different from the Explore feed.

Explore helps YouTube viewers discover content in specific verticals like games or beauty or content that is popular all over the world.

Exploration is not necessarily tailored to individual users, and the recommendations do not take into account the interests of users.

The New to You feed, on the other hand, is personal.

With this feature, YouTube aims for a balance of content that users will like, plus content that is a little out of their normal viewing habits.

While users can certainly find new videos from a variety of creators in Explore, it is not tailored to their viewer history.


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Everyone sees a similar set of recommendations in Explore, while the New to You feed is unique to each user.

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