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YouTube automatically starts adding chapters to videos

YouTube automatically starts adding chapters to videos

YouTube now automatically adds chapters to videos by default – a new feature that can be turned on or off from the preferences panel.

Automatic video chapters were first launched as an experiment at the end of last year, and YouTube is now rolling it out to all qualified videos.

Instead of the creator providing timestamps and titles, YouTube’s machine learning steps in and creates the chapters automatically.

This feature is now turned on for all channels. Channels can turn it off in YouTube Studio by clicking Edit Video and changing the setting to ‘Allow automatic chapters when qualified and available.’


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Additionally, if creators prefer to opt out of automatic chapters for all future uploads, they can do so as well.

Go to Settings> Upload Default> Advanced Settings. This menu has the option to disable automatic chapters for all videos.

More details about YouTube’s automatic chapters

Three’s three additional things to note about YouTube’s automatic chapter feature.

The first is that creators can override YouTube’s automatic chapters by manually entering their own in the video description.

The other thing is that not all videos are eligible for automatic chapters. YouTube’s message did not specify whether specific criteria must be met to qualify for this feature, so it is not known what would make a video unqualified.


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For this purpose, this feature may not even be compatible with qualified videos, as YouTube states that a video may be qualified but does not have suitable chapters that are automatically generated.

Finally, this feature is only starting to roll out for new uploads. It will eventually roll out to more videos depending on how recently they were uploaded.

Benefits of Automated YouTube Chapters

YouTube’s new automated chapters can save creators time during the upload process. In some cases, it may allow creators to use a feature they did not have time to utilize before.

Manually creating chapters for videos can be a bit time consuming, especially for creators who produce longer content.

Chapters, however, help provide a better user experience. They make it possible to skim videos similar to how to tweak an article or a blog post.

Long videos can touch on a number of different topics, while a particular viewer may only be interested in one or two of the topics discussed.

Chapters allow the viewer to consume the parts of the video they want to watch and then move on to consuming more videos.

By providing a more user-friendly video experience, the creator may be able to attract more subscribers and increase their repeat viewership.

Not to mention there is also an SEO benefit associated with video chapters.


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YouTube chapters with videos are eligible to appear as rich results in Google mobile search.

This can greatly improve a video’s visibility in search results and lead to attracting more viewers from Google searches.

Although, like adding structured data to a webpage, adding chapters to a YouTube video does not guarantee that it will appear as a rich result. That makes it simply justified.


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Source: Creator Insider

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