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WordPress 5.8 released with almost 300 new features and fixes

WordPress 5.8 released with almost 300 new features and fixes

WordPress 5.8 is being rolled out right now and is available to all publishers. The new release is named after the innovative jazz musician, Art Tatum. It’s an appropriate name for this new version of WordPress because it’s full of brand new features that make it easier for publishers to innovate and express themselves creatively.

Support for Internet Explorer 11 has dropped

This is the release that provides support for Internet 11. IE 11 is a security risk.

WordPress is now becoming a slimmer and faster content management system as it reduces the amount of code in the kernel.


Blocks are a modern and updated way to edit the look and feel of WordPress. Editing with blocks has become a feature in bits and pieces across the WordPress system.

Widget area blocks

The blockchain’s way of editing a site is now available in the widget area. The widget section can now be fully edited with Blocks

“Now you can add blocks both in widget areas across your site and with live preview through Customizer.”


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WordPress notes elsewhere:

“This gives users powerful new ways to customize their sites using the rich library of core and third-party blocks.

Existing widgets and third-party widgets will continue to work and can be used with blocks. ”

Query block

This new feature allows publishers to view posts based on custom criteria.

For example, the Display Entries section may be restricted to display items from a selected category.

WordPress compares it to a Recent Posts feature, but more powerful.

Edit templates from the mail screen

This new functionality allows a publisher to switch from the post-editing screen to a block-based page-editing screen.

This gives publishers more freedom to edit the template in the context of post editing, where a publisher might decide that the post would be better if the template was edited to be different.

“Switch from editing your posts to editing your pages and back again, all while using a familiar block editor.”


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List view

List view is a new way to view the structure of a web page. Publishers can now switch between the normal view and the List view to get an overview of all the blocks on the page being worked on.

This can also allow a publisher to navigate to a specific block.

Pattern transformation tool

This is a function that suggests block patterns. This feature is currently available in Query Block and Social Icon Block.

Duotone filters

This is a new design feature that allows a publisher to color images or videos. It’s a way to add more creative flair to a page.

WordPress describes it as a black and white filter, where the black and white can be replaced by all colors for the shadows and highlights.

Theme.json Global Styles and Global Settings APIs

This is a huge change that gives more control over the look and feel of a website. It allows theme developers and publishers to change the default elements of web pages.

According to WordPress:

“This configuration file enables or disables features and sets default formats for both a site and blocks.”

In another article specifically about the new Theme.json feature, WordPress explains it like this:

By creating a theme.json file in the top-level theme directory, themes can configure the existing editor settings (the font sizes are preset, whether custom colors are enabled, etc.) as well as the new ones when introduced (duotone preset, on margin and padding controls are enabled, etc.). ”

One of the goals of the new theme.json file is to make CSS management more efficient.

According to WordPress:

The Theme.json file absorbs most of the common block styling usage issues with the aim of reducing the amount of CSS sent to the browser, mitigating specificity wars and providing the current style information in the user interface to users.

This is the first step in having a mechanism that consolidates all three origins of styles (core, theme, user), and which becomes more important when users can deliver global styles in later phases of the project. ”


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WebP support

WebP is a new generation of image format that can display images in lower image sizes.

WordPress support for WebP format allows publishers to create faster downloadable sites. It’s a win for publishers and site visitors.

According to WordPress:

From WordPress version 5.8 onwards, you can upload and use WebP images in WordPress as you would a JPEG or PNG image today (as long as your hosting service supports WebP).

Switching to the WebP format for your images enhances your site’s performance and your visitor’s experience. “

Make better websites with WordPress

The total amount of changes runs to almost 300 bug fixes, new features and improvements.

“5.8 offers so much more! Over 170 bugs, 96 enhancements and feature requests and 24 blessed tasks have been marked as fixed in WordPress 5.8. ”

WordPress 5.8 represents a leap forward towards modernizing the content management system.

It allows publishers who do not know how to code to make changes to what the web page looks like without having to know the code.


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The latest version of WordPress makes it easier for publishers to express themselves creatively.

Some may decide to wait a few days before updating in case of errors.

But WordPress thoroughly tests every release, so it may be safe to update now.

The release method includes testing successively improved versions until the developers feel it is ready for use.


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