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Why now is the right time to advertise with video (if you are not already)

Why now is the right time to advertise with video (if you are not already)

Despite all the evidence, many advertisers continue to resist the idea of ​​video advertising.

Yes, it’s scary to try and invest in a new channel – but the numbers can not be ignored.

For example, 50.9% of B2B makers use YouTube to research future purchases. And 70% of viewers bought from a brand after watching it on YouTube.

Still, advertisers resist video advertising for a myriad of reasons.

Some worry that it is too expensive. Others feel they are fine with other ad types, so why bother?

If you’re still not convinced that the time has come for video advertising, see if these points persuade you.

1. Video advertising is great for brand awareness

We simply get good results for customers with video advertising, especially when it comes to creating awareness about brand.

For example, for one of our B2B clients, 91% of its TrueView video ad viewers continuing on its site are new visitors.

It compares to – or better than – the percentage of new visitors we see with non-branded text ads.


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We also find that video ads get more engagement than our non-branded search campaigns.

To illustrate, here are metrics from this customer’s video campaigns:

As you can see, users see 5.49 pages per page. Session, and the average session duration is 8:21 minutes with video campaigns. (That’s a lot!)

This beats the results we get from non-branded search campaigns:

With our non-branded campaigns, users see 4.90 pages per page. Session, and the average session duration is seven minutes.


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It’s pretty darn good. Video ads still have the edge – at least for this client in this situation.

But now you may be wondering … do you need to bother with video ads if you are already getting great results with text ads?

Are video ads worth the extra effort?

In short, the answer is yes – for these four reasons:

1) Video ads are not the hassle you might think (more on this in a moment).

2) You do not know what you do not know. Video ads may surpass your already well-performing text or display ads. You do not know unless you test.

3) As a general principle, it is better to have a mix of ad formats and strategies as a hedge against performance changes.

With PPC, you never know what the future will bring. The competitive landscape may change, Google may change its rules, and the list goes on.

When you do not put all your eggs in one basket (or ad format), you reduce the risk of trying different ad types, including video.

4) Your target market may not live on Google.

In general, younger demographics spend most of their time on YouTube. They use it not only as an entertainment platform, but as their favorite search engine.

So if you only advertise on Google with text and display ads, you may be missing an entire segment of the population.

2. Video ads can do things that other ad formats cannot

By the nature of their format, video ads can do some things that text or display ads simply cannot.


Explanatory videos

Explanatory videos are perfect for serving in response to search queries related to your product, such as “What is protein powder good for” or “How to get fit in 40.”

You can not answer these questions in detail in text or display ads, but you can with video.

Customer reviews and interviews

While you could put a short written recommendation in a text or a display ad, it simply does not have the same strength as a video statement.


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Product introduction or review

Text and display ads are too restrictive for a thorough introduction or review of products – but they are completely feasible with video ads.


Sure, text and display ads can lead users to a demo sign-up page. But you can do the same with video ads and include a sneak preview.

3. Video advertising does not have to be expensive

Let’s then address one of the most common misconceptions about video advertising: it’s too expensive.

Sure, if you can hire a team to produce and shoot your video on the spot, then that’s fine. (And there’s nothing wrong with that approach if it’s within your budget!)

But you do not have to go that route.

After all, tools like YouTube’s video builder make it super easy to create short videos that you can use in your advertising.

You may already have the video assets you need without realizing it.

For example, we have 30- and 60-second video ads for a client that works really well. So we asked the client if they had other video assets we could use.


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They sent us a three-minute video, almost like an afterthought. Surely three minutes would be way too long for a video ad?

We decided to try it … and to everyone’s surprise, the commitment to this video is amazing!

In fact, the viewing speed of the three-minute video is only slightly lower than that of the shorter videos – and visitors stay longer on the page and see more pages.

Clearly, these three minute video ads are reaching serious leads.

By the way, we show these ads in response to “What is …[non-branded product name]“Searches as we have described above.

4. Video Advertising Can Give You A Competitive Advantage (Still!)

While I’ve argued here that advertisers should give video ads a try, not everyone has gotten the message yet.

This means that video advertising can give you a competitive edge. If your competitors are not yet in this room, you have an open space.

This window for this option may close, but it is not closed yet.


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Add video advertising to your marketing mix

We’re long past the point where video advertising is too expensive or intimidating to at least test and more likely implement.

So if you have not tried it yet, it’s time.

Several reasons:

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