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Why is my YouTube channel’s viewing time decreasing?

Why is my YouTube channel's viewing time decreasing?

YouTube explains why channels are experiencing a decline in performance. How to answer the question “why does my viewing time decrease?”

This information is available on the YouTube Creator Insider channel to help people understand how to analyze their video and channel performance.

If your YouTube channel has experienced a drop in viewing time, here you can see what happens better.

How to diagnose a sudden decline in YouTube channel viewing time

To determine why your channel’s viewing time is suddenly declining, first understand if it’s a single video causing the decline or if it’s multiple videos.


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It may be the case that a popular video experiences a decrease in viewing time, which pulls the total number down.

Keep in mind that the performance of recent uploads generally peaks within the first few days. If you notice a drop in viewing time days after uploading a new video, this is normal.

If the issue is not limited to a single video, there are some other things you need to look for throughout your channel.

Confirm visibility settings

Review your videos and make sure their visibility is still public.

Sometimes an unintentional switch from public to private can cause a sudden drop in viewing time.


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Look for requirements

Check if there are claims against your videos, e.g. Any copyright claims.

A claim may block the visibility of a video in one country or in several countries.

How to diagnose a gradual decline in viewing time

A decrease in viewing time can happen suddenly, but it can also be a gradual pattern observed over weeks or months.

If your YouTube channel is experiencing a gradual decrease in viewing time, ask yourself the following questions:

Has anything changed? Changes to the channel style with thumbnails, titles and content can lead to dramatic changes in performance. When did the benefit decrease? Extend the date range of your data to better understand the typical performance of the channel. The fall may be part of a normal pattern. Are seasonal conditions a problem? Changes in seasons can affect how much time people spend on YouTube. For example, it is known that the total viewing time decreases during the holiday season. How often do you upload? A change in upload frequency can directly affect the viewing time, as viewers get used to consuming a certain amount of a channel’s content each week.

A key segment of data to be controlled is viewing time among subscribers versus non-subscribers. A decrease in viewing time among subscribers indicates that there is a problem with the direction of your content.

YouTube suggests reviewing data about your niche in Google Trends. This data shows how interested people are in various topics, which is taken into account YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.

If people lose interest in a particular topic, related videos are less likely to be recommended on YouTube.

Alternatively, Google Trends data can be used to discover what users are currently interested in. Moving your content to these topics can help increase your channel’s viewing time.


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