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Why A / B testing of SMS is a must

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

The audience can be surprising. As much as we would like to hit the nail on the head with our marketing just outside of bats, this is often not the case. One specific call to action (CTA), transmission time, or length may exceed the other, but you have no way of knowing unless you try. That is why A / B testing is important.

A / B testing has become a key marketing strategy as it is the most effective way to distinguish between messages that work from those that do not. Performing experiments with your SMS campaigns allows you to determine which marketing strategy is converting the most customers. You can then use this CRO service to guide messages to more important segments or lists. This test tool is easy to implement, saves unnecessary costs and optimizes revenue.

First of all, what is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service. The character limit for an SMS message is 160 characters. Studies have shown that consumers prefer to receive marketing campaigns via SMS rather than email. Consumers receive fewer spam texts than spam emails, and SMS texts have a significantly lower spam rate than email. In addition, SMS open rates tend to be significantly higher than email open rates. With these facts in mind, marketers should make the most of their SMS strategy by deciding what kind of messages their customers respond best to.

Why is A / B testing important?

When it comes to seeing a significant result from your SMS campaigns, A / B testing can mean the difference between hitting a home run and turning out like a marketer. With A / B testing, you can quickly recognize what kind of marketing material and messaging your target audience responds best to, which will help your marketing campaign both in the long run and in the near future.

Knowing how to best position yourself as a brand within your text campaigns helps you optimize a higher conversion rate and drive traffic to your business website. Apart from conversions and traffic, the benefits of A / B testing are endless. A / B testing can help you lower your opt-out rate, increase your CTR, and provide user behavior data, including which segments of your audience are most involved in your message.

What can you test?

When implementing an A / B test idea in your SMS campaign, there are many different ways to measure what kind of messages resonate with your audience.

From A / B tests, you can find out if your texts work best in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Testing long versus short messages can provide statistical significance for what length your audience responds best to. For example, find out if your audience responds better to short, smart messages or longer, personalized messages.

Tone is another important factor to consider. Try to test whether your audience responds better to a text with a casual tone as opposed to a more formal one.

Testing different CTAs (is another good use of A / B testing. Try using a different version of your CTA in text messages to see which one will get more of your mobile subscribers to take the desired action.

Testing whether embedding emojis creates conversions is another easy way to optimize your messaging strategy.

Messages that include an offer are also an excellent candidate for A / B testing. Experiment with the types of campaigns you offer, as well as the wording of the message.

What is our favorite platform?

Attention is our go-to-sms platform. Attention allows the most innovative brands to create meaningful interactions through personal text messaging, and its detailed reporting allows us to optimize our digital marketing strategy and make smarter decisions with our communications.

Let’s get text messages

There is no reason not to use A / B testing in your SMS marketing strategy when it comes to it. With A / B testing, you can feel confident knowing that you are actively working to improve your digital marketing agency’s strategy with each shipment.

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