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What is Prime Wardrobe? Everything you need to know

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Making clothing shopping online easier than ever, Amazon Prime Wardrobe Prime allows members to order a variety of sartorial staples online – for free.

Once ordered, customers can try on dresses, clogs, T-shirts, joggers and more in their own home and only pay for what they keep. With Amazon Prime Wardrobe you can order clothes for women, men, children and babies as well as shoes and accessories.

In this guide, we will explore in and out of this Amazon Prime membership program that describes everything you need to know as a shopper. In addition, we will delve into how the Prime Wardrobe service is different from clothing subscription services as well as ordering clothes through regular Amazon Prime. We will also examine the pros and cons of selling your own products through Amazon’s marketplace.

Prime Garderobe 101

“Try before you buy,” has taken over the e-commerce store. Prime Wardrobe is, like all Amazon Prime services, user-friendly and free for Prime members, designed to hold customers back.

Here we dive deeper into how the Amazon Prime Wardrobe works from the consumer side, including:

How does Prime Wardrobe work? What is the Prime Wardrobe return policy? When are you charged for Prime Wardrobe? What clothes are available through Prime Wardrobe?

How does Prime Wardrobe work?

Prime members can review a variety of clothing brands by selecting up to eight items (and a minimum requirement of three) for Amazon shipment delivered directly to their door.

Shoppers get a full seven days to try the items at home; what they do not like, they can return. They will only be charged for the clothes they keep.

That is how it works:

To find qualified Prime Wardrobe products, customers just need to log in to their Prime account. Connect the keyword for what they are in the market for, e.g. “Summer dress”. Then at the far left of the browser, consumers can click on the Prime Wardrobe box under “Filters” to make sure they are only reading articles that are eligible for Prime Wardrobe.

If customers are not sure what their closet wants, they can also visit the Prime Wardrobe landing page1 and search for curated filters such as “Retroprints”, “The Comfort Zone” and “Sweater-Weather Essentials.”

All returns of Prime Wardrobe are free (more on that below) and there are no fees associated with the service as it is included in what they pay monthly for their Prime Membership.

One service that costs users a monthly fee is the Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe, an additional service that lets Amazon expert stylists shop for just $ 4.99 a month.

Personal Shopper from Prime Wardrobe

Personal Shopper works in the same way as Prime Wardrobe, so customers can order the same number of garments and the same return policy is in place. The only difference is with Personal Shopper, customers instantly become the star of their own HGTV show “What to Wear Next.”

Here’s a quick overview of how this personal shopping service works:

Customers create a profile and conduct a quick survey so Amazon stylists know their preferences, from personal aesthetics to budget to sizing. Customers can include specific requests for their stylist. For example, customers can let them know that they definitely want a pair of designer jeans included in each curated series. Prime members can also see a preview of their stylist’s choices and choose three to eight things to try at home. From there, customers have a trial period of seven days to find their favorite passer and return the rest.

Users can cancel their Personal Shopper service at any time.

What is the return policy for Prime Wardrobe?

Prime Wardrobe items may arrive on different days — typically a first-class customer can expect the entire order to arrive within 4-6 business days.

When the last shipment arrives, it is when the seven-day trial period begins. Before this period ends, customers can go to the Your Orders page on their Amazon account and choose which items they keep and which ones to return.

Customers can use the included return label and drop off their package at the nearest UPS. If a customer’s goods arrive on different days in several packages, they can use any of the return labels to return their unwanted goods.

Items must be returned, unused, unwashed and undamaged with tags on in their original packaging – this means that you do not have to wear an evening dress on the weekend and then try to return it for free.

In the event that a customer retains one of their items and then decides to return it after the end of the trial period, they still have 30 days from the end of that period to return the item or items for a refund.

When will you be charged for Prime Wardrobe?

Customers will be charged for the items they still have in their possession at the end of the seven-day trial period at. 23:59 local time.

What clothes are available through Prime Wardrobe?

Prime members can find small labels and national names on the Amazon Prime Wardrobe, with pricing options ranging from the very affordable to the expensive at the designer level.

Some popular brands include:

Levi’s Calvin Klein J Brand Theory AIX Armani Lucky Brand Alex and Ani … and more

Specific brands can highlight certain garments depending on the season and what is in trend, making it even easier for shopaholics on the fence to decide what they would like to put in their Prime Wardrobe shipment.

For example, the Amazon brand Daily Ritual has a “Elevate Your Everyday” page linked to Prime Wardrobe; shoppers who follow this link will find pages on pages with simple, comfortable yet stylish staples like jersey dresses and poplin pants.

Prime Wardrobe vs. Clothing Subscription Services Vs. Amazon Prime

Amazon has masterfully created viable revenue streams through retail, subscriptions and web services.

Amazon understands that by 2021, most people are over the personal shopping experience: malls are dead zones; the threat of an ongoing pandemic continues to rage, making face-to-face shopping even less desirable; and the chances of TBYB rising every day.

In addition to Prime Wardrobe, Amazon has also improved their fashion game by launching StyleSnap, a tool that lets people take a picture of a garment and search for it online.2

That said, there are still some shoppers who might be wondering if a subscription service like Stitch Fix or Nuuly is better suited for them, or if it just makes more sense to order clothes from Amazon the old-fashioned way.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that set Prime Wardrobe apart from its competitors as well as Amazon Prime itself:

Fees – Most subscription services require a monthly styling fee of $ 10+ (in addition to what you pay for the clothes you keep). Prime Wardrobe requires no obligation and no fees unless you choose to use the Personal Shopper service. Choice-In a Business Insider review, author James Brains noted that Prime Wardrobe’s TBYB clothing service was preferable to others because consumers are able to choose exactly what they want-most other services have the built-in stylist feature, whether you want it or not.3 No prepayments – Unlike ordering directly from Amazon Prime, you pay with Prime Wardrobe nothing in advance. So if you decide to return an item with Prime Wardrobe, you will never be charged unlike Amazon Prime, which charges you in advance and then sends you a refund when the item is returned.

For individuals who prefer to shop all their clothes online – in bulk – and who are not fixated on a particular brand but are open to many different styles, Prime Wardrobe is probably the best online retail option.

Small businesses take their sign from Prime Wardrobe

Giants like Amazon – which launched Prime Wardrobe in the US in 2018 – have even inspired smaller startups to make their own versions of this model.

Take, for example, TryNow, a San Francisco-based startup that offers technology to online vendors using Shopify Plus.4 By March 2021, TryNow had already raised $ 12 million to continue their expansion plans. Investors naturally see the potential in this TBYB landscape.

Sell ​​your products on Amazon with Marketing-Ideas Marketing

As we have described, there are many benefits for shoppers who choose to use Amazon Prime Wardrobe, but what about sellers?

If you are a clothing brand and choose to sell your products through the Amazon marketplace, you may be wondering if your items will appear on the Prime Wardrobe.

According to Amazon: 5

The qualified products that qualify for Prime Wardrobe and minimum and maximum items

pr. orders may change from time to time at our sole discretion.

So whether your brand comes to the Prime Wardrobe catalog or not, you can still consider selling your products – including clothing and accessories – through this e-commerce titan.

Consider the following benefits of selling on Amazon along with remembering Amazon seller mistakes to avoid6:

Reach a new and diverse audience of countries around the world Gain credibility – Amazon has spent years gaining the trust of its millions of subscribers Hand over all shipping responsibilities to the pros with the optional Fulfillment by Amazon service

Are you ready to explore how to become a successful Amazon seller?

Try new opportunities with Marketing-Ideas Marketing

Marketing-Ideas Marketing has a whole Amazon marketing management team that can help you successfully list your product, adapt to the constantly changing Amazon algorithms, improve SEO and launch new campaigns. Our team is also here to keep you updated on new Amazon deals such as Amazon Moments and Amazon FBA.

With PDM, your product will stand out as a shining gem in the sea of ​​millions of items available through Amazon.


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