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What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

Covering everything from online music and TV streaming to retail and artificial intelligence, it seems Amazon has its hands on just about everything. As the technical tycoon continues to grow, it comes as no surprise that it has also entered marketing and cloud computing.

Cue: Amazon Marketing Cloud.

The latest version, launched in 2021, offers marketers a new set of tools to perform in-depth analysis of campaign and audience data. There is a lot to unpack with this new technology, so let’s get started understanding what it is and how it can be used to make more informed marketing decisions going forward.

Here is an overview of what we want to cover:

Amazon Marketing Cloud: A Quick 101 Benefits of Using Amazon Marketing Cloud Who’s Eligible to Use AMC How AMC Can Lead to Success in Your Marketing Campaign Additional Amazon Advertising Tools

Amazon Marketing Cloud: A fast 101

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is in a nutshell the Internet’s gift to the data-obsessed.

It is a cloud space that is able to store and analyze a number of datasets – both from the advertisers themselves and from any marketing campaign conducted through Amazon Advertising. It keeps track of campaign events so marketing teams are better able to understand audience actions and trends.

An “event” in programming refers to an action that occurs on a web page as a result of a user’s behavior. This can be something as simple as a mouse click or pressing a specific key on a keyboard that triggers a web-related response.

What other types of data can Amazon Marketing Cloud report on? Here is a look at a few that are helpful to keep an eye on:

Impression- This is the total number of times an ad reproduces on a web-enabled device. Engagement – How many users click on (participate in) your content. Conversions – A conversion does not always have to match a sale. It is simply defined by the number of times a visitor to your site completes a desired goal set by the advertisers. Revenue – The money you earn on your campaign effectiveness.

As with any campaign, these are key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide a valuable analysis of the successes and sometimes errors in the particular ad being evaluated. However, having this data gathered in one place allows for insightful cross-channel evaluation that can help make targeted adjustments to future campaigns.

What are the key benefits of using Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Amazon even mentions the primary benefits of this platform as offering control, choice and clarity to its users, which by and large sounds good – right?

But what do these benefits really look like within the framework of the cloud environment?

Let’s look at it now.

Options – Advertisers using AMC can use their own programming language, known as a Structured Query Language (SQL), to extract relevant data. This may be a project that is better suited to the software engineering team, but this freedom of choice is a useful way for marketers to identify the data that is most relevant to their research. Control – AMC gives its users total control and freedom to customize the datasets available to them. It offers analytics reports that can be completely customized so that marketing teams can get to the core of their goals without first having to browse pages with less relevant data. Clarity – With AMC, there is no confusion about what works and what does not work. Get a clear, holistic picture of how customers interact with a brand and vice versa by comparing efficiencies across a variety of channels.

The overall benefits? Customization and access to an abundance of data. Just make sure your team is familiar with SQL as it does not come as a user-friendly interface.

Who can use Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Given its advanced features, Amazon Marketing Cloud may not be suitable for everyone. In fact, Amazon has currently set a few qualification requirements to access this unique marketing tool. To qualify, you must:

Being an advertiser or an ad partner Being active on the Amazon DSP (demand side platform) that is familiar with writing SQL

Before integrating Amazon Marketing Cloud into your marketing strategy, make sure you and your team are equipped with the necessary skills to get the most out of it.

How can marketers take advantage of Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Now that we’ve developed a deeper understanding of the AMC features as well as who’s likely to benefit from them, let’s consider how these mechanisms translate into marketing success. Amazon Advertising provides an introduction to the Amazon Marketing Cloud that highlights a number of attractive benefits that marketers will be able to take from this platform.

Maximizing Your Investment – The better you understand your customers and how they use different channels, the more appropriately you will be able to manage your campaign dollars. This way, you can be sure that the investment you are making is targeted and is likely to yield higher returns. Understanding Your Campaign Needs- By having greater access to datasets and viewing them side by side, campaigns with a broad focus will be able to pinpoint their audience more accurately and find specific options for optimization. Improving Your Campaign Performance – Whether you’re aiming to increase revenue or encourage customers to fill out a form on your site, Amazon Marketing Cloud can help you increase conversions and therefore improve the overall performance of your campaign. Once it is clear how exactly your campaign can be optimized, the easier it is to generate the desired results. Combining Media Channels – Use AMC to find out what your audience’s favorite channels are, how often they use them, and what actions are taken for each one. With this information, you can choose to combine your most effective channels to maximize reach and generate high quality leads.

Other advertising tools from Amazon to strengthen your marketing plan

In addition to the Amazon Marketing Cloud, there are a number of other advertising tools that marketers may want to be aware of for use in their upcoming campaigns. Consider your marketing goals as well as your desired campaign channel to find the right tool for your purposes.

Here’s a look at some of the available Amazon Advertising options:

Amazon DSP – Expand your audience by displaying your ads across the Amazon platform as well as your company’s publishing partners. It is available in a number of countries and comes with metrics analysis to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. Amazon Live- Create a more informed consumer by contacting them in real time. Introduce a new product, show a demonstration of how it is used, and open the floor to questions that potential customers can ask via the live chat feature. Audio Ads- If you think you’re more likely to connect with your audience during their screen-free time, you can use this Amazon Advertising tool to build audio ads (10 to 30 seconds in duration) that can plays so consumers can hear while using Amazon Music. Plus, any business can benefit from this ad space, whether they sell their products on the Amazon Marketplace or not. Sponsored Display- These types of sponsored ads may appear on the Amazon website, product pages and even third-party websites. Target product relevance or audience, and control how much you spend by setting a fixed budget and clicking. Amazon Posts – If your business already has a presence on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, consider reusing images you have already curated to use on posts. It’s free to post the content you want, and you can expect to find it in the Amazon shopping app. This is an effective way to encourage Amazon shoppers to browse your products and also give them inspiration on how your offers can add value to their lives.

Can’t decide on just one? Consider a strategy that combines a few different approaches, and use the Amazon Marketing Cloud to help you evaluate the results of each.

Find a growth solution using Marketing-Ideas

With so many advertising and data analytics tools available, it can sometimes be challenging to see which ones will give your team the highest return on investment. Remember! There is no single approach that guarantees success in marketing. Instead, it’s a continuous process of experimenting, evaluating and adjusting as you go.

Let Marketing-Ideas help you find the growth strategy that works for you. Whether it’s collecting data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud, running a campaign using another Amazon Advertising tool, or building a personalized marketing plan from scratch, we’ve eager to unlock your marketing potential.

We can answer all your questions, such as: what is Amazon Explore? Is Amazon FBA worth it? What is AWS? Or even how to get a UPC for Amazon?

Let us together create your success story today. Contact our digital marketing agency today.


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