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What is a Twitch Affiliate?

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

Like the adventures of quest video games, Twitch’s affiliate program allows streamers to collect currency as they play.

But these are not digital coins and treasures.

A Twitch Affiliate is a qualified streamer that can earn an income by streaming live video games, creative content and musical broadcasts on the online streaming platform.

Twitch Affiliates can earn coins, but beyond that, the award of Twitch Affiliate is the first springboard towards becoming a Twitch Partner – a coveted title that is best in streaming wealth.

In this short guide, we’ll cover the ways in which Twitch users can achieve affiliate management and affiliate status, and the things that marketers should know when considering how to start affiliate marketing.

Twitch Affiliate Tutorial

On a streamer’s journey toward becoming Twitch-affiliated, they must perform four critical tasks:

Reach 50 followers Stream a total of eight hours Stream on seven different days Earn an average of three viewers

Does that sound too easy? Remember that streamers must also complete each business within a period of 30 days

Using “Path to Affiliate Achievement” on Twitch users’ Creator Dashboard, streamers can track their progress and set goals. Streamers will then see a check mark next to each completed task.

Tap Start: The Twitch Affiliate Invitation

Once the tasks are completed, Twitch streamers will be eligible to sign up for the Twitch Affiliate program and start making money on their channel through live streaming and subscriber benefits.

To begin with, players will receive an email notifying them of their eligibility.

An invitation that Willy Wonka’s coveted golden ticket serves as a passport to an elite community of advertisers. Of Twitch’s 9.5 million monthly television companies, only 1.2 million are affiliates

Once invited, a message on the channel’s dashboard notifies streamers that they can sign up for the program by providing:

General Information Agreement with Twitch Affiliate Agreement Tax Information Payment Information

Once the information is processed, Twitch Affiliates can then start earning Channel Points, which allow affiliates to reward their subscribers with fun perks, such as highlighting their messages in live chat or using an emote.

Side Quest: What is an Emote?

Emotes are custom emojis that streamers create to reward their loyal subscribers. They are unique to the streaming platform and are used by subscribers to communicate with streamers in the live streams chat box.

Some streamers also use emotes as plugins to embellish their live streams and channels. Twitch Affiliates can upload original images to their subscriber channel to build their audience and promote their content within the Twitch verse.

In most cases, streamers group emotions by each subscriber level – the highest level that has access to the best emotions – whether it’s representations of the streamer’s face or a heart – eyed rabbit.

Ways to make money on Twitch

As you know, a Twitch Affiliate can use his or her channel to generate revenue. As a Twitch affiliate, there are four ways to monetize channels and earn an income:

Subscriptions – Anyone can watch a live stream, but a streamer must accept his or her subscribers. Subsidiaries can charge a variety of different levels of subscription options at different prices: $ 4.99, $ 9.99, $ 24.99 and Prime free subscription. Subscribers often receive perks or exclusive feelings depending on their subscription status and level. Subscriber Donations – Subscription-based donations, called bits, are used by viewers to “cheer on” the streamer during live broadcasts. For every bit given, the streamer earns one cent. During a chat, bits appear as beaded emotions. Game Sales – Twitch sells several games and in-game items. When a Twitch Affiliate plays and streams one of these games, the subsidiary can earn a 5% revenue share if a Twitch user buys the game from the Twitch Affiliates channel. Advertising revenue – Affiliates earn a percentage of the advertising revenue from the ads streamed on their channels. Streamers can also customize ad length and frequency.

Leveling Up: Sponsorships and Partnerships

Should marketers partner with Twitch Affiliates?

It depends on their goals. While some affiliates may have dedicated viewership that matches your target audience, a Twitch Affiliate is only one level above the many streamers that populate Twitch’s platform.

While it is elite, it is not the highest ranked title.

Twitch sponsorships are typically reserved for large streamers with large audiences. And most of these streamers are Twitch Partners.

To identify the relevant influencers on Twitch, it is important to understand the difference between these two terms, their income streams, and their ability to deepen engagement with their viewer base.

The Twitch Affiliate

As we have covered, Twitch Affiliates, streamers can earn revenue through subscriptions, donations, game sales and advertising revenue. They can also adapt their emotions to an extra thank you to subscribers.

The purpose of the Twitch affiliate program is to help players and streamers earn the equivalent of a part-time income. The program is also available globally.

A Twitch branch that wants to grow with your business may be willing to highlight your products at a lower price than a partner. With fewer sponsorships, affiliates can have more time and resources to devote to your brand.

Before partnering with a Twitch affiliate, make sure their platform matches your product and your voice. Then set clear KPIs for your collaboration.

The Twitch partner

A Twitch Partner, on the other hand, is the creme de la creme of the Twitch verse. As a Twitch Partner, streamers can earn the equivalent of a full-time salary.3 To become a Twitch Partner, you must first become a Twitch Affiliate. And no, streamers can not be both affiliated and partner.

To become a Twitch Partner, streamers must follow the path to the partner’s performance plan, which includes: 4

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate Streaming in 25 Hours Streaming in 12 Different Days Average 75 simultaneous viewers

Like the path to becoming Twitch affiliate, each task must be completed within a 30-day time period.

How Twitch Partners Promote Engagement

Many sponsors choose to collaborate with partners because of their larger audience. And in addition to the numbers, partners also get access to tools to customize their channels.

Twitch Partners can increase the number of viewers and cultivate their brand with:

Custom Chat Badges – When a Streamer’s subscribers join a chat, a subscriber chat badge appears next to their name. As the subscriber meets various milestones, such as reaching six months as a follower, partners can customize new badges to reward their fans. Custom bit badges and cheernotes – In line with custom chat badges, streamers can also equip generous viewers with custom badges that signify the subscriber’s generosity level. As levels rise, partners can customize each badge to create more excitement. It is a great opportunity to style channels and cultivate a brand. Free lifetime channel subscription – Partners can give a subscriber a free lifetime subscription when they reach 50 subscribers, 250 subscribers and 500 subscribers. Once gifted, the subscriber subscribes to the partner’s channel indefinitely. Ad-free viewing – Twitch Partners have the ability to give their subscribers ad-free viewing during live streams. If ads are disabled for subscribers, revenue is calculated based on the number of unsubscribed viewers.

Twitch Partners can also store their live streams as needed for up to 60 days compared to the 14 days allotted to Twitch Affiliates.

All in all, it can mean more impressions and engagement around your featured product or service.

Game Over: Losing the Twitch Affiliate title

Even after completing the tasks and expanding their channel, Twitch Affiliates may lose their status and perks. Twitch Affiliates are at risk of losing their status if they:

Break Twitch Community Guidelines and Terms of Service Remain Inactive Power Simultaneously on Twitch and another viewing platform

Marketers interested in collaborating with streamers should carefully research their content and recent activity.

Next, we will take a closer look at each of these three potential routes out of associated land.

Violation of the rules

As a whole, Twitch is considering the role of its affiliate models to the streaming community. As such, non-compliance with Twitch’s guidelines and terms of service for the Community may result in suspension of monetary compensation, loss of associated status and sometimes even loss of the Twitch account as a whole.

In essence, a Twitch affiliate may not:

Violate any law, contract or intellectual property Create content that is obscene, offensive, threatening or inflammatory Imitate a person or device Send junk mail or spam Harvest email addresses or personal information Edit, damage or disrupt Twitch codes, services and properties


Twitch Affiliates can also lose their affiliate status if they are considered inactive streamers, meaning they have been inactive for more than a year. Twitch Affiliates, which only stream once every few months, can still maintain affiliate status.

Simultaneous streaming

Streaming on Twitch while streaming the same content on another platform violates the Twitch Affiliate Agreement and is grounds for termination of the program.

However, it is possible for Twitch Affiliates to post content on another platform – they just can not stream it at the same time. The good news? Twitch Affiliates can upload their Videos-On-Demand to platforms like Youtube without penalty.

PDM: Your next multiplayer

Twitch Affiliate status is a powerful way for streamers to build their personal brand, earn revenue, and expand their audience while jumping into parachuting arenas and spreading planted bombs.

Similarly, partnering with a Twitch Affiliate or Partner can help your business form its own legion of gaming fans.

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