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What Google does with feedback from search results

What Google does with feedback from search results

This topic is covered in the latest part of the Ask Googlebot series on YouTube.

In the video, Google’s John Mueller addresses the following questions:

“What makes user feedback qualifying enough for Google to decide to customize its search ranking algorithm? Is Google considering that feedback in the future? ”

Mueller responds by discussing how user feedback is handled internally, and explains the best ways to send feedback to Google in the future.

Google on what it does with user feedback from search results

Google tries to prioritize issues reported by users in different ways.

Some things need to be processed as soon as possible, while others may have to wait until Google works on a certain part of its systems again.


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Google organizes user feedback based on what is most urgent. Its team can go in and manually fix issues that need to be resolved right away.

Mueller says, however, that it does not make sense to manually customize search results when it comes to a majority of problems. For the most part, problems with search results are corrected algorithmically.

“The Internet is so gigantic and changing, and people are asking us new questions every day. Therefore, our goal in general is to improve the algorithms that aggregate the search results everywhere and not to fine-tune things to individual queries. This may take some time, but it makes the search better for everyone worldwide after the large number of searches performed every day. ”


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How to send feedback to Google

The most direct way to send Google feedback about the quality of its search results is to use the ‘send feedback’ link at the bottom of the search results. This feedback goes directly to a team at Google that needs to be reviewed, organized and prioritized.

Mueller also recommends the Google Search Central Help Forum, where there is a community of search experts available for assistance. The help forum experts can escalate discussions to Google when needed.

If users encounter something problematic or unpleasantly wrong, it may be worthwhile to pass this information on to the public facing Google accounts on social media sites like Twitter.

When sending feedback on search, Mueller says it is helpful to know which query yielded unsatisfactory results. Provide at least one common query that many people can use that highlights the issue as clearly as possible.

Regardless of the contact method, make it easy for Google to recognize the extent and extent of the problem.

Watch the full video below:

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