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What are Amazon Moments? | Marketing-Ideas Marketing

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

With every product under the sun available online through hundreds of e-commerce sites, Amazon realized that in order to increase engagement between shoppers and their suppliers, they needed the sweet pot.

So in 2019, e-commerce giant Amazon released a loyalty initiative service, Amazon Moments.

According to Amazon, Moments uses a cost-per-action (CPA) model that allows developers to increase user actions by rewarding users with physical or digital items when they perform a specific action. These rewards can look like $ 10 Amazon gift cards, electronics, toys, clothing and more. All products are sold and fulfilled by Amazon

In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about this new program and how it can benefit your business in the long run. Read on.

Amazon Moments: Everything you need to know

From news sites to streaming services to games, big brands use Amazon Moments to capture the attention of old and new consumers and reward loyal customers with both physical and digital gifts.

Below we look at

How Amazon Moments Work Who Can Use It How Much Does It Cost Why Can It Increase ROI For Your Business.

How it works

Amazon Moments is a service that is simple, affordable and highly customizable. Brands can choose which actions they want to reward in their app. They then choose what rewards they will send to their loyal users.

Amazon offers the example of a fitness app choosing a high-value action as a user completing 30 workouts before receiving a reward, knowing that most users, based on data, continue to use the app after 30 workouts .2

This loyalty initiative is about achieving long-term ROI without spending a large sum of the company’s expenses.

As head of Amazon Moments, Amir Kabarra said when the service was first launched: 2

“Amazon reinvents the way companies approach marketing by letting them turn around

engagement campaigns for rewarding moments that drive long-term value. ”

Movements offers a simple, intuitive packaging reward program that works via a self-service console. This allows marketers to create campaigns without worrying about reward, administration or fulfillment.

When you invest in Amazon Moments for your business, you start by creating a snapshot campaign; you perform all Moments transactions in your Moments console.

The most important steps in your Moments campaign include: 1

Set the action (aka Moment) you want to run. This can be anything from watching a video to subscribing to a channel
Choose the rewards to be offered to the consumer
Users will then engage and complete the action
Amazon meets the reward source

When choosing which moment you want to drive, consider prioritizing the metrics that are most important to your business goals, whether it is increased retention or increased participation in an event.

Consider the following goals when testing your campaign strategy: 1

Retarget lapsed customers with ads / announcements / emails highlighting a re-inclusion reward. Encourage users to upgrade from a free trial to a basic subscription by offering a reward equal to or greater than the price of a one-month subscription. Increase engagement in your app by rewarding customers who conquer difficult levels or time-limited events.

The Moments programming interface is compatible with Android and Fire OS apps, iOS apps and websites.

Who can use it?

All Amazon developers are eligible to spend moments in all countries except South Africa, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Switzerland.

For customers, all users must have an Amazon account to redeem their prizes.

How much does it cost?

Amazon Moments is an ideal tool for brands of all sizes, as it is easily scalable – you only pay for completed actions, and you can choose a CPA price as low as $ 3 to begin with.

Other monetary considerations include:

Permission for Taxes – Amazon recommends setting a CPA that includes taxes
Limit – Your total monthly budget limit is $ 5,000 USD per month. Campaign; $ 15,000 USD pr. Instant account
Shipping – Customers may have to pay for Amazon direct shipping, depending on whether they are Prime members and what the price of the reward is

What kind of reward can you offer?

The rewards your business chooses for Amazon Moments are entirely up to you. For example, in 2019, Amazon Moments user Washington Post offered Echo Dots to people who subscribed to the paper.

The only caveat is that all prizes will be items already in stock by Amazon (which still gives you millions of options).

When choosing your rewards, Amazon says that based on data collected since the beginning, customers typically prefer:

An actual reward rather than a discount Electronics, toys and Amazon credit A free physical item

Why use it?

Now that you better understand how Amazon Moments works, you may be wondering what is the driving force to invest in this service? How do moments differ from other loyalty programs? Why not just use an internal loyalty program?

According to LoyaltyOne’s Big Picture Study: 7

The global loyalty industry is estimated to be worth $ 74 billion, of which $ 42 billion is loyalty programs, providers and platforms. The study also finds that companies invest more than 2% of their sales in reward initiatives.

Another plus of Moments is that brands do not have to deal with the fulfillment of gifts themselves. Amazon, the real king that quickly fulfills shipments, manages everything.

Success Stories from Amazon Moments

Major brands that have found success with Amazon Moments include TikTok, Bravo, Discover, Sago Mini and Disney. According to Amazon, Disney said net sales increased “almost sevenfold” after offering players in the Disney Heroes Battle Mode game $ 5 in Amazon credits to reach level 15.4

Need more compelling? Let’s dive into statistics from two of the following Amazon Moments users.

Sprint Success Story

In 2019, Sprint was the official wireless sponsor of the Concacaf Gold Cup football tournament in 2019.1 During their five-week Amazon Moments campaign, Sprint wanted to create a Futbol Mode Rewards platform ( where users could complete challenges to earn real-life rewards.

During this period, Sprint was able to increase engagement three times with Amazon Moments. Let’s look at the details of their campaign.

To participate in this Sprint campaign in 2019, customers downloaded the Futbol Mode Rewards Wallet Pass, where they could view and complete challenges in each of the five stages of the actual tournament, from pre-cup to final.

During each step, users could accumulate Amazon credits, which could then be used in the Sprint Futbol Mode Rewards store on Amazon.

Challenges drive user engagement by having users:

Refer friends to the Rewards Program Upload videos and photos of themselves participating in Sprint content Post videos predicting the winner of a Gold Cup match for set dollar values ​​on Amazon credits

In their case study, Sprint found that the last challenge generated the highest turnout – 74% of those who registered, completed the action and claimed their reward.

The high user engagement rate of this end campaign reinforces the argument that Amazon Moments can provide positive ROI in the long run, even though the run is only a five week campaign.

Discovery GO

It goes without saying that Shark Week is Discovery Channel’s most popular summer TV series

In 2019, Discovery partnered with Amazon Moments to make this year’s lineup the most watched in its 30-year history. They were intended to engage users with both Amazon devices and the Discovery GO app.

After their Amazon Moments campaign, Discovery saw one:

73% increase in activations 83% increase in hours seen per. Customer 40% increase in active customers 68% increase in hours seen after campaign (ahem, long-term ROI!).

Let’s dive into their campaign strategy.

For this campaign, Discovery GO used Amazon’s Stream it Forward causal marketing campaign and rewarded customers in the form of a charitable donation when they streamed content during certain programming windows.

The first 1,000 registered customers who streamed at least 10 hours on Discovery GO received a $ 25 credit, and for every hour a customer spent in the app, $ 1 was donated to charity Oceana, which focuses on conserving marine life.

Not only did Discovery Go significantly increase their user engagement, they were also able to raise $ 75,000 for Oceana.

This is a great example of a savvy brand that made the most of its Amazon Moments campaign by figuring out what’s most important to the company and its users.

Discovery knew that many of its Shark Week viewers would naturally be motivated to donate to a cause like Oceana, as their interest in the Discovery Channel and Shark Week shows that they already have an established interest in preserving marine life.

Get the most out of your Amazon account with Marketing-Ideas Marketing

Major brands have been using Amazon’s loyalty program, Amazon Moments, to their advantage since 2019.

This service allows developers to bring back obsolete users, retain active users and reward top consumers by offering customers physical rewards and digital prizes based on their in-app activity.

Interested in learning more about getting the most out of your current Amazon account? Marketing-Ideas Marketing has an entire Amazon Marketing Management team available.5 We are here to lift your business through the latest Amazon offerings, including Amazon FBA and Prime Wardrobe. With PDM, you receive an analysis of your business without ever having to sign a contract. PDM will be able to assess whether Amazon Moments, for example, is a smart investment, and if so, how to design your campaign. We are also here to discuss Amazon seller errors to avoid ensuring your success with Amazon!


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