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Twitter is testing new store module

Twitter test votes on tweets

Last week (July 22), we reported that Twitter was testing downvotes on tweets. A few days later, on July 28, Twitter announced a new test that is currently being conducted.

Interestingly, the first message was published in the Twitter feed, whereas this time it was communicated on their news blog.

Twitter restarts shopping

Twitter began experimenting with shopping on its platform back in 2015; however, the social platform took a step back from this to ‘focus on other areas’.

On March 3, the Twitter Investor Relations account released a thread revealing their plans to reintroduce shopping on the platform.


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In the thread, they admitted an awareness that they were not doing ‘a good job’ for the millions of companies using Twitter:

We have historically known that there are millions of small businesses on Twitter, but we did not do a great job of making the case for them why they should advertise and make it really easy for them to buy ads. $ TWTR

– Twitter Investor Relations (@TwitterIR) March 3, 2021

This was immediately followed by explaining that they built their team to focus on creating an easy way for small businesses to set up an account and invest in ads and campaigns:


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So we have increased the team that sells to the small businesses and we are also working on products to make it really easy for them to create a presence for their business on Twitter, buy ads and promote their tweets in a really simple way. $ TWTR

– Twitter Investor Relations (@TwitterIR) March 3, 2021

The thread also explained their plan step by step:

Working on further improvement of DR products, including app installations. Focuses on enticing Twitter users to click through to a brand’s site. Help Twitter users make purchases through the platform.

Then we also think of trade. Helping people buy things on Twitter. We really want to be thoughtful about how we do this, so we help advertisers find their customers and continue to own that relationship with the customer. $ TWTR

– Twitter Investor Relations (@TwitterIR) March 3, 2021

It is this last point that has led the social platform to experiment with Shop Module.

The store module

The in-store module is an extension of professional profiles, where anyone who uses Twitter for work purposes can view information on their profile pages.

Professional Profiles is a new tool that enables companies, nonprofits, publishers, and creators — all using Twitter for work — to display specific information about their business directly on their profile.

– Twitter Business (@TwitterBusiness) April 21, 2021

When it was announced in April, the Twitter Business account stated that professional profiles were being rolled out to ‘a small pool of companies in the US’.

The store module will have a similar rollout, as people who meet the following criteria will be able to see the function:


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Users in USUsers who use Twitter in EnglishUsers who use Twitter on iOS devices.

The store module sits at the top of a company profile, and users will be able to scroll through products displayed via a carousel, click on a product to learn more about it, and make a purchase without leaving the Twitter app.

In the announcement, Bruce Falck, product manager, wrote on Twitter:


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With this pilot, we get to investigate how our committed, responsive and talkative audience reacts to products that are emotionally charged – like a new jersey from your favorite sports team – or that have a lasting effect – like a new skin care regimen. And basically, it will give us the chance to keep learning about what shopping experiences people prefer on Twitter. ”

A new grocery council for companies

Twitter also stated in the post that part of the learning process involves building ‘deeper partnerships’ with companies and doing so through a Merchant Advisory Board.

The board is made up of companies that are considered ‘best in class’ examples of Twitter resellers.


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The goal is to find easier ways to meet the needs of brands of any vertical or size.

Although the launch is currently only available to a handful of individuals, the announcement closed with a mention of companies across the globe that have access to custom profiles.

It also refers

Therefore, it could be assumed that this ‘test’ could eventually be rolled out to everyone.

Read the full release here: Twitter Shopping: Test of the store module

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