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Twitter ends fleets 9 months after launch

Twitter ends fleets 9 months after launch

Twitter is giving up on the Fleets nine months after rolling it out to everyone, saying the feature did not do what the company hoped it would.

As of August 3, Fleets are no longer available on Twitter.

Twitter launched Fleets in hopes that its volatile nature would encourage more people to “join the conversation.”

In other words, the company wanted to see a noticeable increase in new users and increased activity among existing users.

Fleets achieved none of these goals, Twitter says:

“We built fleets as a short-lived, short-lived way for people to share their fleeting thoughts. We hoped the Fleets would help more people feel comfortable by joining the conversation on Twitter.

But in the time since we introduced Fleets to everyone, we have not seen an increase in the number of new people participating in the conversation with Fleets, as we hoped. ”


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Those who gravitated toward using Fleets are people who were already active on Twitter, which is not who the company is targeting.

They must not have used it enough if Twitter decided to shut down the feature.

“Although we built fleets to tackle some of the concerns that hold people back from Tweeting, fleets are mostly used by people who already tweet to reinforce their own tweets and talk directly to others.

We are exploring several ways to address what is holding people back from participating on Twitter. And for those people who are already tweeting, we are focused on making this better for you. ”


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The Fleets experiment is not a total loss, as Twitter says it will put the experience it has learned to build a better product.

What did Twitter learn from fleets?

Twitter finally got the message that people enjoy sharing media, as most Fleets included photos and videos.

Soon, Twitter will test updates for the tweet composer that make it more inviting for users to capture and share media.

The Tweet composer and camera include features from the Fleets camera, such as the full-screen viewfinder, text formatting, and GIF stickers.

Fleets got Twitter to test full-screen verticals for the first time. The company can use these experiences to inform about the development of future advertising products.

What happens after August 3?

When Fleets is removed from Twitter on August 3, it will be replaced with Spaces:

“The top of the timeline is still a great place to highlight what’s going on right now, so you can still see Spaces there when someone you follow is hosting or speaking in a live audio conversation.”

When Fleets was designed to disappear after 24 hours, users do not lose access to any content they have published through the Fleets composer.

Fleets are described by the company as a speculative feature that happened to not work, although it is worth mentioning Twitter’s own users predicted that the Fleets would fail before it was even launched.


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Although I doubt many would have predicted that it would only last nine months.

Twitter says it will continue to take chances to build new features that encourage more users to participate.

Source: Twitter blog

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