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Track, analyze and convert visitors into buyers

Track, analyze and convert visitors into buyers

New customers can add a lot of value to a business, especially if they remain loyal in the long run. Still, it is important for companies to keep their costs down. acquisition low – so they can absorb more of this value.

This is what makes conversion optimization (CRO) so crucial. By focusing on CRO, you can get more value out of every customer visit, even from users who already know and visit your site.

Plerdy offers conversion rate optimization tools to companies looking to make their lead acquisition process more efficient. Even better, it offers a freemium pricing plan, which means you can try the free version before diving into a more comprehensive plan.

So how does it work, and are the premium levels worth the investment? Here is a Plerdy review that covers the bases.

Plerdy review: optimizing the conversion rate

Plerdy is the right thing for businesses that are developing an online store or website, using online marketing channels and already have some traffic. Today, it makes up a large part of the market.

Plerdy’s certified Google Analytics and Google Ads experts work to optimize the tools available to businesses on the platform.

Review after review shows the platform’s options. One user wrote: “Plerdy Service is an indispensable assistant for the UX specialist and online marketer. It allows you to easily and quickly identify key elements on the page, draw the user’s attention to important and remove unnecessary elements.”

Another user added: “I highly recommend the service to anyone who is struggling with website improvements, conversion and understanding of content effectiveness.”

Plerdy Review: Intuitive Features to Improve Your CRO

Plerdy has a number of features designed to enhance your CRO. In this Plerdy review, we give you an overview of what they offer.


Plerdy review: Heatmap

The Plerdy heatmap feature shows where people click, scroll and hover with their mouse. Hot Segments is a tracking feature that visually shows which parts of the website have the highest click-through rate (CTR). Get a good idea of ​​customer behavior on your site with click path analysis, selected text tracking, cursor position maps, and automatic synchronization of Google Analytics events.

SEO Checker

Plerdy SEO CheckerPlerdy SEO Checker

Plerdy SEO Checker ensures that you are optimized for mobile-first indexing and have a server load of 0%. A website technical search engine optimization (SEO) audit, page semantics analysis, SEO error highlighter, site health checker and change tracker are all part of the mix. Make sure you do not list duplicate pages, do not reject URLs or correct errors, and that you filter and revise SEO errors.

Session playback

Replay of Plerdy SessionReplay of Plerdy Session

Website owners and marketers can use the Session Replay software to record visitor behavior on a page. Track navigation paths and playback gestures to optimize future landing pages. Mouse movements, scrolling, clicking and pressing can all be recorded and played back. This will help you improve the user experience in the long run and ensure that you include CRO elements that promote conversion completion.

Event tracking

Track events and goals with the Google Analytics integrated event tracking features on Plerdy. Analyze a comprehensive library of detailed user behavior data, track macro and micro events, prioritize events, and sync everything with your Google Analytics account. Data aggregation, automatic summation and practical statistics help you inform – so you can effectively pressure visitors to take a specific action.

PopUp forms

Plerdy PopUp featuresPlerdy PopUp features

If you are addicted to pop-ups on your site, you are in luck. In our Plerdy review, the Pop-Up Forms software helps companies display pop-ups and edit them as needed. No programmers or designers are needed when using Plerdy. Use a template to inform users about marketing activities, collect first-party data such as email addresses and phone numbers, and embed one-click ordering. You can also display forms, an individual banner, a shortcut button and more.

Sales performance

Ecommerce companies looking to track their sales results can use Plerdy’s relevant features. Discover the number of transactions made in a customized period, how many unique users have made a purchase, the online store’s total revenue and more. With this data you will be able to answer questions like: What is my online store conversion rate? What is the average price for a single order? And that’s just the beginning.

Conversion funnel analysis

Plerdy Review: Conversion Funnel AnalyticsPlerdy Review: Conversion Funnel Analytics

Analyze and visualize your e-commerce sales and site conversion funnels with Plerdy. Find out which step in the process users tend to drop from, identify the best marketing channels, and specify advanced URL settings. This will help you better understand on-site user actions and find out which devices provide the most conversions. This will generate more leads and more opportunities for your brand.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Plerdy’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) places a survey on your website to help you communicate with customers. Customers can view these forms at set times in the funnel, and Plerdy’s user – friendly nature ensures that you can do so without the help of a developer. Once you get some answers, the NPS score calculates a rating that helps you improve your site’s quality, design, marketing and more.

Pricing plans

Plerdy pricing plansPlerdy pricing plans

Plerdy offers four broad types of plans, and each has a set of levels you can try:

1. All in one (all under the sun)

FreeStart ($ 23 / month) Business ($ 47 / month) Premium ($ 79 / month)

2. SEO (focuses on SEO reviews, comparison of days in SEO reviews and API Google Search Console)

SEO Startup ($ 7 / month) SEO Small ($ 15 / month) SEO Growth ($ 23 / month) SEO Power ($ 39 / month)

3. PopUP (focuses on displaying forms and NPS, collecting leads and clicking on banners)

PopUP Start ($ 7 / month) PopUP Small ($ 15 / month) PopUP Growth ($ 23 / month) PopUP Power ($ 39 / month)

4. Enterprise (suitable for larger teams)

Enterprise-1 ($ 144 / month) Enterprise-2 ($ 264 / month) Enterprise-3 ($ 388 / month) Enterprise-4 ($ 518 / month) Enterprise-5 ($ 648 / month)


Plerdy was founded in 2017. Already now, thousands of companies rely on the CRO tools it offers, including Honda, Huggies, Subaru and more. Digital agencies and freelancers may be interested in this Plerdy review because it allows users to work on multiple projects at the same time, add an unlimited number of clients to the platform, and see an unlimited number of reports online.

At the end of the day, Plerdy does what it came to do: Increase the value of your existing customers and reduce the cost of acquiring new ones.

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