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TikTok triples the length of videos

TikTok triples the length of videos

TikTok triples the maximum length of videos and increases the time limit from sixty seconds to three minutes.

This update is rolled out to all users and comes with a message like the one below:

In a statement, the company states:


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“There is so much that can happen in a TikTok minute, from musicals and lots of sea shanty singalongs to feta pasta recipes, roller skating and much more. Now we’re introducing the opportunity for our global community to create longer videos – paving the way for even richer storytelling and entertainment on TikTok. ”

All three minutes can be recorded, edited and uploaded directly in the TikTok app. This update gives creators a canvas to work with that is three times larger than what they had before.

New area for video on social media

This update places TikTok in a unique place as far as short-form vertical video on social media goes.


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It may seem like a minor change that goes from sixty seconds to three minutes. But consider this – until now, sixty seconds was the standard across all major social apps.

Facebook and Instagram stories are limited to sixty seconds, as are Instagram feed posts. Instagram wheels can only be 30 seconds.

YouTube Shorts and Snapchat stories are also limited by a moment. TikTok is an outlier with its new three minute video length.

This can shake up how people use the app and potentially lead to content that can only be found on TikTok.

Previously, users could record a video in sixty seconds or less and share it across all social media seamlessly.

It is not possible to do now with a three minute video. However, creators can take advantage of the extra length and create longer content only for their TikTok audience.

If this is the route that creators choose to go, users may find themselves with a wider range of content to enjoy and a reason to open TikTok versus other apps.

All of this is to say that a small change like increased video length can lead to larger, indirect changes.

What will a viral 60+ second TikTok video look like in the future? It’s something an innovative creator out there will have to figure out.


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It will be interesting to see what the creators do to keep the viewers’ attention for more than a minute.

TikTok reiterates this sentiment in its announcement:

“With all the ways our society has redefined expression in under 60 seconds, we’re excited to see how people continue to entertain and inspire with a few seconds more – and a world of creative possibilities.”

Longer TikTok videos have been tested with a limited number of creators, so it is possible that you may have already encountered one.

This feature will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

Source: TikTok Newsroom


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