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The Bing Clarity Rage Clicks Report helps improve UX

The Bing Clarity Rage Clicks Report helps improve UX

The Bing blog published an article on how to improve the user experience by analyzing rage-click events. Rage click issues can alert you to issues on a webpage that may affect bounce rate and sales.

Bing clarity

Bing offers a free web analytics feature that has a heatmap feature that shows you where site visitors clicked and tapped. The reports can be filtered by device to understand a problem within the correct context for desktop or mobile visitors.

Rage Click

A rage click is when a site visitor repeatedly clicks on a web page element over and over again.


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Bing gave the example that 4% of visitors to Bing experienced unsatisfactory experience using the Bing search box because clicking on the box resulted in nothing happening.

Bing identified these rage-clicking incidents that occur in their own search box by reviewing the heat map report in clarity.

What happened was that the edges of the search box could not be clicked due to how CSS was coded.

Bing solved the problem with a few coding changes in the box margin, and all the errors disappeared.

Identify errors through rage clicks

Bing says tantrum identification can help publishers correct code errors and other issues that make a webpage unusable for on-site visitors.


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A web page that does not respond to user input can affect sales, advertising revenue, and lost web traffic when dissatisfied visitors do not return.

According to Bing:

Rage click analysis can help identify potential issues with your site, such as bugs, corrupted elements, or deadlinks.

Addressing these issues will undoubtedly improve the user experience and the order of guest behavior. ”

Rage Click Sessions in Clarity

Clarity rage click reports are highly configurable. Because of this, the publisher can more easily identify what is causing the rage clicks and correct them.

Bing explains:

With Clarity you can sort rage click session recordings from the rage clicks to the smallest. Allows you to quickly see which elements of your page are causing the most frustration.

This allows you to understand, correct and improve the user experience. Noticing where a user goes after rage by clicking on speed tells you what they were trying to do. This allows you to remedy the problem for a more fluid user journey.

You can also see rage clicks through coloring of heat cards. The warmer colors show where most clicks happened. ”

Heat Maps and Rage Clicks

Heat cards are a great way to diagnose problems with rage-clicks on a web page. As a publisher, you may think that their web page is perfect as it is, but site visitors may see a site differently than the publisher does.

Eg. A visitor to the site might think that a picture can be clicked when it is the words below the picture that are clickable.

This is something that a rage-click report on a heat map shows.

Why Rage Clicks Happens

The following are some of the reasons why tantrums may tend to occur:


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A web page element does not work Broken code on a button Inconsistent web page design

Bing suggests asking the following questions:

“What did the visitor expect to happen when they clicked on the item? Why did the visitor think this item was clickable? What is the purpose of the page and how can we guide them to it?”

Bing Clarity identifies Rage Clicks

Some heat cards can slow down a web page. Always monitor the impact this feature may have on a web page.


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Clarity is meant to have minimal impact on a web page. So it is actually a great product to use for the heat card and other features that will help you make your web page more satisfying for site visitors.


Read Bing’s article:
Bing Webmaster-Clarity Series # 2: Rage Clicks – What Do They Tell You About User Behavior?

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