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The best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress

The best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress

Are you running a WordPress site and need to get a quick read on your analysis? If so, take a look at MonsterInsights.

In short: MonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that works with Google Analytics.

In this MonsterInsight review, I review the features of the product. I also cover its price structure so you know how much you will need to spend it.

MonsterInsights Review: What is Google Analytics?

Before I examine product specifications in this MonsterInsights review, it may be helpful to explain Google Analytics.

If you are not familiar with it, Google Analytics is a tool that gives you lots of good insights into your web traffic.

It is also easy to use. You just sign up for GA and then take a piece of code that you place on your site.

Once in place, you will have access to reports that include details about:

Traffic sourcesDwell time Behavior patterns Unique page visits Repeated page visits

And much more.

Plus, you can grab that kind of insight in a certain period of time. So if you e.g. Want to know how many people visit a particular page during the month of July, you can get this data.

What are MonsterInsights?

At first blush, MonsterInsights looks like the bridge between WordPress and Google Analytics.

And in fact, it’s a great way to think about it.

With MonsterInsights, all you have to do is plug in your GA code (you can get it from the GA website) and you’re done.

Once you have configured the plugin, it enables Google Analytics to start collecting the valuable insights that you really want to see.

MonsterInsights Review: Analytics Dashboard

MonsterInsights Review: Analytics tracking

With MonsterInsights you get access to the following types of analyzes:

Ecommerce Tracking – Gather insights from your WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Lifter LMS and MemberPress plugins. Legal Compliance – Make sure your site complies with applicable rules like GDPR, CCPA, PECR, PIPEDA and others. Outbound link tracking – Track outbound links so you know where your site is sending users. You may find some options for backlinks and partnerships. Affiliate Link Tracking – Use GA to learn more about how your affiliate links contribute to your top earnings. It’s a very handy feature if you use affiliate marketing to help monetize your site. Enhanced Link Attribution – Find out which CTA (call-to-action) buttons get the most clicks. You may be able to uncover some button texts that are more likely to get conversions than others. File Download Tracking – Learn about which files get the most downloads. It gives you insight into what your audience is looking for. Scroll Tracking – Gain insight into guests’ scrolling habits. Yes, Google Analytics tracks it. And you can enable scroll tracking with just a single click. Form Tracking – Find out which of your lead forms are most likely to get conversions. Then mimic the layout and wording of these forms when creating new forms. User ID Tracking – View information about users who sign in before browsing your site. Author Tracking – Learn about which writers on your site are most valuable. Then you can give these writers more assignments and help them make more money. Everyone wins. Post Type Tracking – See which post types get the most traffic so you can create similar posts. SEO Score Tracking – Integrate MonsterInsights with your Yoast SEO plugin (another must-have if you are serious about digital marketing), so you can gain insight into your search traffic. Category and Tag Tracking – Understand which categories and tags are crawling in visitors. Phone and Email Link Tracking – Tracking conversions from phone calls and emails, as well as tracking conversions from web traffic. Custom Event Tracking – Set up and track custom events to give you even more powerful insights than you would get from simple, out-of-the-box GA features.

And there are even more analytics-related features that you will appreciate once you get the plugin.

EU compliance functions

MonsterInsight’s custom reports

Another cool feature of MonsterInsights: it allows you to create custom reports that highlight data specific to your business model.

First, the tool gives you an Analytics Summary Report. It shows you the key insights in an easy to follow UI.

In addition, the tool includes a custom dashboard widget that gives you instant access to key metrics. You will see this report when you log in to the WordPress Administration Console.

MonsterInsights also gives you page-specific analytics in the WordPress admin line. This is the bar you see at the top of the screen when you log in to your site and view web pages.

The tool also gives you reports on:

EmailsTrade TransactionsDemography for AudiencesPopular PostsBehavior PatternsGoogle Search Console InsightsShapesSite Speed

And as I mentioned above, you can see these metrics for a specific date range. You are not limited to predetermined time periods.


Here’s some welcome news: you can get MonsterInsights for a one-time fee.

For $ 99.50 you can get MonsterInsights and keep it all to yourself. You do not have to pay anything ever again.

However, this license only works for a single location. And you do not have access to advanced reports or integrations.

If you have more than one site that you would like to start with MonsterInsights, you can get a license for five sites for $ 199.50.

It gives you access to advanced reports and integrations.

If you run a digital marketing store and need MonsterInsights for your customers, you can get a 25-page license for $ 399.50.

And that level of service also gives you premium support.

By the way: The product offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not like it. However, you must claim this refund within 14 days of purchase.

MonsterInsights Awards

Packing it

Now you no longer have to ask, “What are MonsterInsights?”

But there is plenty of time to evaluate the product.

So why not get the ball rolling with it today?

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