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Status for SEO 2021 [New Search Engine Journal Research]

Status for SEO 2021 [New Search Engine Journal Research]

Do you love data? Are you looking for help to successfully guide your SEO strategy and career in the right direction for 2022?

If so, you will not miss the Search Engine Journal’s introductory industry survey report, The State of SEO 2021: Insights, Opportunities & Threats.

In it you will find insights from 2,830 SEO professionals with varying salaries, experience levels, specializations and more from around the world.

If you want to know what’s really happening in the SEO world, how it’s changed over the last year, and where you fit in – get to the source. That’s what we did.

No more guessing if you’re alone on your strategy, or if you charge your customers enough – now you have industry trends from a reliable source.

This report is designed specifically for you to help you grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

Using this data, you can get a good entry into the competition and see new opportunities.

This annual report (we plan to update it every year) has unique data, graphs, and insights from thousands of SEO professionals gathered for 49 pages for your reading – and strategizing – pleasure.

In the Marketing-Ideas ‘The State of SEO 2021’ report you will find:

12 Top Insights in the Mode for SEO.SEO Career Insights. Take a look at current salaries, job titles and experience levels for in-house SEO professionals, freelancers and founders. The value of SEO. Learn how digital marketing budgets are allocated, where time is spent on SEO activities, and how SEO value is measured.SEO challenges and threats. Gain insight into the last 12 months of the pandemic, traffic levels, resource gaps and more. Plus, we’re looking at the biggest threats to SEO over the next two years. SEO Trends & Opportunities. See what the best drivers for SEO will be, as well as new factors you should be aware of. SEO Clients: Budgets and Expectations. Explore insights for agencies that want to refine the customer experience, including average budgets, customer expectations and the services that customers demand most.

In each section, you will also find key insights for B2B and B2C marketers, as well as both agency and in-house SEO professionals.

Use this information to improve your business. After all, your decisions are only as good as the data you use to inform them.

Download your free copy now.

The State of SEO survey report, created in collaboration with Straight North, gives you insight into making better-informed choices for your next year of strategic planning.

Download this report for insight from the Search Engine Journal’s Special Projects Editor, Shelley Walsh.

The report also includes insights and comments from other top SEO and marketing people, including Barry Adams, Eric Enge, Kevin Indig, Kristina Azarenko, Jason Barnard, Jamie Indigo, Izzi Smith and more.

A big thank you 👏 to the members of the Marketing-Ideasists who participated in making this report possible!

* Breakdown of survey participants by industry: 1,223 from the B2B sector, 951 from B2C, 779 from agencies, 779 from internal brands and 298 from independent contractors / freelancers.

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