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Snapchat Trends shows most popular keywords

Snapchat Trends shows most popular keywords

Snapchat introduces a tool called Snapchat Trends that highlights the most popular keywords shared with users in public stories.

Additionally, you can search for any keyword in Snapchat Trends to find out at what level it is used.

Data Belts is likely to appreciate this latest feature Snapchat crammed into its new tool, which is a carousel of real Snapchat stories that lets you see how a keyword is used.

Here’s more about Snapchat Trends and what marketers can do with the data.

What are Snapchat Trends?

Snapchat Trends is very similar to Google Trends in that it gives you a general overview of a keyword’s popularity on Snapchat.


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Even websites are the same. When you land on Snapchat Trends, you will see a search bar followed by a list of top trends from the last week.

If you click on a trending keyword, you will come to a page with a graph showing the keyword’s usage over time.


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Usage is rated on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest level of popularity.

On the same page you can also find a carousel of Snaps related to the keyword.

If you are in doubt as to why a keyword is trending, this carousel will show you how to use it.

Data in Snapchat Trends is not limited to what was recently popular, as you can search for any keyword to see its usage pattern.


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You can even look up multiple keywords to compare their usage. For example, the graph below shows which game console is the clear favorite among Snapchat users.

As shown in the example, a drop-down menu lets you filter the data by country. This is currently limited to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.


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Now that you know what Snapchat Trends can do, let’s go over how data can be useful to you.

How can I use Snapchat Trends data?

Snapchat recommends five ways marketers can use the data in Snapchat Trends:

Product Market Research: Trend data can help examine organic consumer behavior to evaluate the overall market adaptation to your product or service. Copying: New and interesting language trends tend to emerge among Snapchat users. This insight can help brands write contextually relevant copy. Building Customers: Trend data can lead to useful insights as they build a profile of who your target audience is, what they do, and what they care about. Media planning of key moments: Snapchat points to obscure holidays like National Ice Cream Day as opportunities for audience engagement. This tool can help you find the right time to adapt a media strategy to. Competitive Research: This data can help you understand the market in which your brand, product or service operates. By analyzing multiple keywords, you can easily compare how the conversation has evolved.

Snapchat Trends is free to use and does not require you to have your own Snapchat account.


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Data is based on captions in public and shared stories. It does not include the use of keywords in live chat or direct snaps between users.

Source: Snapchat For Business

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