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Opportunities for guest blogging for SEO

Opportunities for guest blogging for SEO

We all know the power of ranking high on Google.

It can help you establish authority, expand your network and increase your chances of being discovered by your target audience.

Adding guest blogging to your SEO efforts is an important step in achieving online marketing success.

If you are ready to learn the ins and outs of guest blogging for SEO, keep reading!

What is guest blogging?

The definition of guest blogging or “guest posts” as it is sometimes referred to is quite straightforward. It means contributing to another person’s blog or website as a guest.

These days, guest posting is one of the most valuable tools in your digital marketing arsenal.

Generally, guest bloggers will write to similar blogs within their industry with the goal of generating referral links and attracting traffic back to their website. It’s also a great way to get in touch with new readers and get your name out there.

If you’re still wondering if guest blogging should be a part of your traffic-generating activities, the numbers speak for themselves:

How to do guest blogging properly

Landing guest blogging opportunities is no easy task, especially as more and more companies are entering the content marketing game. As a result, there is a dwindling number of placements for a growing number of seats. To help you navigate this crowded field, by following these best practices, you can lead yourself to success.

Understand your goals

Before doing anything, consider what you want out of the guest blogging experience.

Are you trying to make money?

Do you want to expand the reach of your organization?

Is your expertise in line with the interests of their audience?

Is there a topic you are well versed in that they do not have on their blog?

Create a list of sites you want to write to

Once you’ve established the value you can provide, it’s time to build your blog search list.

The spreadsheet should only contain the most important – website, name, email address, outreach date and notes.

You want to target high-traffic blogs with a domain authority score of 50 or higher. The higher the domain authority, the greater SEO effect you get from each backlink.

And the more visitors the site has, the more readers will get your post.

Analyze the destination

Now that you’ve officially chosen a site to write for, take the time to understand what it’s all about.

Who are their readers?

What types of articles do they publish and how often?

Are they long-form or short-form blogs?

Are they visual or text driven?

Brainstorm Pitch Ideas

Guest blogging is about quality, not quantity. If you only have the bandwidth to write a guest post every few months, be sure to make it count.

There are thousands (if not millions) of recycled items on the Internet. This means that your pitch must be authentic, relevant and most importantly, unique. Even if it just gives a new perspective on an existing topic, it may be enough to get editors to consider your pitch.

Find a balance between focusing on what you know and building an idea around what is trending at the moment. The goal here is to make them see you as someone who can enrich their website with murderous content.

Write a clear, precise pitch

If you want your email to capture the recipient’s attention, your pitch must include the following elements:

A catch topic lineYour intention to submit a guest blogAn explanation of why their readers will care about your post (explained briefly) Describe what makes you an authority on the topic Summarize the main points of the article, including any statistics / research

Simplicity is paramount here. But you also do not want to appear boring or generic. Wow the editors in as few words as possible.

Customize your outreach emails

Composing a pitch takes time. And one of the worst things you can do to ruin your chances of getting published is to send the same email to all the sites you present. If you want an answer, customize it.

Be sure to tailor each email to the specific person (and site). Also, do not forget to include the recipient’s name (and the name of the page), as well as the reason why your pitch should be accepted.

Consider this example below:

Hi (First Name),

My name is [NAME] and I am [JOB TITLE] on [COMPANY NAME].

I reach out because I love [BLOG NAME] and your latest [BLOG ARTICLE NAME] really resonated with me because (reason).

I write (#) guest posts a month and would very much like to contribute to your (ADJECTIVE) blog. Given my understanding of your blog and your audience, I would suggest three guest posts:

[Sample 1 URL]

[Sample 2 URL]

[Sample 3 URL]

Let me know if you are interested and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



See submission guidelines

Editors receive tons of guest posts every day, depending on the publication. They know exactly what they are looking for and they do not have time to review places that do not live up to their standards.

Fortunately, most of these sites publish their submission guidelines online, which explain how to submit your guest post to maximize results.

Follow up

It never hurts to contact the editors to confirm your interest in writing for them. Many of them gladly accept follow-up by phone.

Sometimes the problem may not even be your topic, but bad timing.

If you still have not heard back after a few months, try taking a different angle on the same topic.

Promote on social media

Once your post is live, you should not waste time promoting it on social media. This will not only be beneficial for your readers, but it will also generate more traffic back to your guest blogger.

This is a great way to express gratitude to them for having published your guest post.

Top sites to guest blog on

To help you make the most of your guest blogging opportunities, we’ve put together a short list of the best sites that accept guest posts:

Huffington Post

You’ve probably heard of the Huffington Post. Founded in 2005, it is one of the largest sites on the web today. While they generally cover news and current events, the Huffington Post also publishes a wealth of opinion pieces. Contributors range from minor bloggers to Pulitzer journalists.

Huffington PostHuffington Post

Read write

ReadWrite is a web technology blog focusing mainly on technical news. The main categories on this site are blockchain, artificial intelligence, smart cities, related services, start-ups and product reviews. They prefer their guest posts to be provocative and controversial, but supported by data.

Read write


Like Tumblr and Blogger, Medium is a free publishing platform that covers topics that span mental health, financial trends, relationship counseling, and more. With over 120 million readers, anyone can become an individual contributor to Medium. However, the site is more geared towards sharing content in longer form as opposed to shorter pieces.


Social Media Examinator

While it is always looking for new writers, Social Media Examiner is very strict with its guidelines for guest blogging. They typically publish only well-researched, tactical articles on social media. Blog posts that are overly strategic or editorial are likely to be rejected. If you want to be selected as a contributor, your article should go beyond generally accepted best practices and advice on social media.

Social Media Examinator

Design milk

If you have expertise in art, fashion, architecture, travel or interior design, consider contributing to Design Milk. The website has a sleek, modern layout and is a great website to look at, especially for the creative.

Design milk


Mashable, which receives more than 45 million page views a month, is one of the most popular sites in the blogging community. You can choose your niche from over 90 categories, including digital media, business, technology and entertainment.


Unlike some of the other blog sites on this list, specializes in practical advice for small businesses and start-ups. You will come across lots of business articles and tips from industry experts on how to be successful as an entrepreneur.


Content Marketing Institute

As the name suggests, the Content Marketing Institute offers its audience the chance to learn about a wide variety of content marketing strategies. The site currently has over 140,000 subscribers, as well as more than 260,000 followers on social media across various platforms.

Concluding thoughts

When done correctly, guest blogging can do wonders for your business. It can also be a huge win-win for both the author and the publisher.

Just make sure you follow guest blogging for best SEO practices and tailor your pitches accordingly.

Remember – the more you guest blog, the better you get at it.

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