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OnPay Review – The Good and Bad for 2021

OnPay Review - The Good and Bad for 2021

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OnPay is a cloud-based payroll service that provides scalable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers many excellent features at an affordable price to streamline payroll processes and automate tax calls and payment workflows. Compared to other online payroll services, OnPay lacks a few bells and whistles, e.g. An automatic payment setting and limited integration. But it is still a good choice for companies looking for a simplified and affordable approach to payroll management.

Comparison of OnPay with the best online payroll services

Despite the software’s unlimited and flexible payroll and decent HR tools and data, OnPay did not make our list of the best online services.

This is because running payroll with OnPay involves several steps, and since there is no option for automatic payment, the whole process can become tedious and time consuming. In addition, OnPay’s user experience compared to other payroll services like Gusto is not as intuitive and functional.

If you are looking for a better alternative, we have researched and tested many online payroll services to find the best ones for different needs. We have put together a guide to the six best software tools that are user-friendly, time-saving and reliable when it comes to all salaries. See all our favorites.

OnPay: The good and the bad

In this section, we dive deep into both the good and bad parts of OnPay to help you decide if the software is a good fit for your organization.

The good

Uncomplicated interface: OnPay has a user-friendly interface, with all its main functions visible on the left panel – each of which can be expanded and attached. All details about the latest payroll runs, employee information, the next scheduled payroll run and upcoming important dates and offers are presented in an easy-to-read format. You can easily switch between tabs to make changes or also check any information.

User-friendly: The setup process is incredibly convenient. You can either get OnPay to enter your existing salary data or complete the process yourself. It is also possible to import existing data from another application. To run payroll, select only the employees you want to pay and enter the hours each employee works (or import hours from your time tracking application if you use a time tracking tool). Easy, right?

Efficient and fast employee management: Employees can enter and change their personal information and retrieve their pay slips and tax forms. Not only does this save time, but it also increases productivity because you can focus on more important tasks rather than retrieving documents. Boarding new hires is streamlined, thanks to a checklist that keeps you informed of the latest government documentation and reporting requirements.

Unlimited payroll: Unlimited pay is without a doubt one of OnPay’s most attractive features. Businesses can run payslips according to their arrangements, including canceling payroll runs and making corrections without deferring extra money. In addition, all information about your employees’ input is stored in a vault to eliminate repeated data entry.

Simplified HR processes: OnPay gives users access to an online HR library with employee handbook templates and government employment laws. It also includes onboarding and offload lists, performance plans and annual review documents that can help facilitate HR processes. Tracking the accrued time for PTO in three levels, sick and holiday recordings is also possible with the software.

Risk-free payroll compliance: OnPay is designed to be a comprehensive and reliable payroll solution. It helps ensure compliance by accurately filing all tax forms and calculating and paying taxes, according to IRS and state rules and regulations. The software also undertakes to cover any fines if there are ever errors when paying taxes.

Cost-effective: OnPay offers feature-rich and scalable subscription plans at a low cost. In other words, startups and growing companies only have to pay for features as needed. There are no additional fees for changing plans, annual fees, cancellations, direct deposits, administering and archiving payrolls, debit cards and other similar expenses!

The bad one

Lack of automatic payroll processing: The lack of an automated payroll solution is without a doubt OnPay’s biggest drawback. This makes the software more suitable for companies with hourly employees instead of those with paid labor. But there is a solution. Companies can automate salaries by changing some aspects of their previous payroll. The good news is that OnPay has shortened the processing and now requires two monitors with a confirmation page instead of the previous five.

Obsolete dashboard: Although the main dashboard is easy to navigate, OnPay has an annoying widespread trend. There are way too many spaces that involve extra scrolling, especially when you want to show all links to payroll data and tasks in a new one. This is the same problem on OnPay’s mobile app, which can be cumbersome considering how complex and data-heavy the payroll can be.

Limited integrations: OnPay’s integration list covers various third-party applications, from HR to accounting to time tracking, but competitors have a much longer list. For example, one reviewer complained that the software could not integrate with their HRIS platform, so they had to keep switching between two different systems to process payroll. Others complained about not having enough timesheet integrations.

Inefficient customer support: Some customers were dissatisfied with OnPay’s customer support. They found the answer slow, inconsistent, and sometimes queries were even unanswered. This is a serious problem as people often have questions and get stuck using the tool when dealing with payrolls for the first time. The lack of fast service not only kills productivity but also creates frustration.

OnPay prices and options

OnPay’s affordable and scalable pricing strategy is one of its strongest benefits. It charges a base fee of $ 36 per person. Month plus $ 4 per. Month per Person.

Instead of offering fixed pricing, you pay per. Person along with a fixed fee.

Even if you get unlimited access to all OnPay features, you only have to pay the employees on your payroll for a certain month. The company claims that this monthly invoicing costs business owners 50% less than other tools per. Pay-run pricing.

In addition, you can easily calculate your monthly fee using the drag slider on the price page of the software to see exactly how much you would pay for your business.

OnPay does not sneak in hidden costs for extra features. Their monthly plan includes unlimited monthly payroll runs, account setup and data migration, automated withholding, accuracy guarantee, payroll options across multiple states, automated withholding, payment and filing of payroll taxes and more.

Overall, the service’s prices and options are excellent for different needs and will accommodate a wide range of companies regardless of their size.

OnPay also offers a free trial period of one month, so you can test drive its features before committing.

Now that we’ve discussed prices, let’s outline the four products you’ll get access to after signing up for OnPay.

OnPay Payroll

OnPay offers excellent payroll software that allows you to run payroll in minutes and comes with a flawless guarantee to cover penalties charged for tax calculation errors.

Designed for small businesses, you can use OnPay to run payrolls for W-2 employees and 1,099 contractors, automate tax information and payments, set permissions to handle payroll tasks, integrate time tracking and accounting software to facilitate operations, and so on.

In addition to full-time payroll functions, you can also choose special payroll services (restaurants, churches and clergy, farms and agriculture, 500+ employee companies) and employee self-service functions (self-onboarding, lifetime accounts, checking voluntary deductions)).

OnPay HR

OnPay can simplify human resources for your business.

The most important payroll software comes with various HR tools to help you automate administrative and repetitive tasks, organize documents and ensure compliance. From custom PTO accruals to creating an employee list to employee self-service, there is so much you can take advantage of to give your employees the opportunity to do things themselves.

Features include automated onboarding feeds, e-signing features, online I-9 and W-4 forms, specify new hiring reporting, compliance review, built-in document templates, custom personal checklists and more. Getting access to OnPay’s comprehensive HR resource library is another plus.

Thanks to these features, all your HR documents and communications can be signed, accessed and updated directly in the cloud – with just a few clicks. You can also send employee reminders, disciplinary notes and performance reviews using the OnPay in-app notification feature to keep everyone on the same page.

OnPay benefits

Employee benefits and salaries go hand in hand. OnPay understands this and has created a number of features to help your business manage them.

You can integrate the payroll with employee benefits to make it easier for you to take care of your employees. In return, you are guaranteed higher employee retention and productivity – and smarter savings.

Regardless of the size of your team, you can choose from the following benefit schemes:

Health insurance (medical, dental and vision) Pension schemes Pay-as-you-go employee compensation plans Life and disability coverage FSA, HSA, commuting services and more

And it’s not! You will also have access to an in-house team of authorized agents who can help you find the right employee plan for your organization. Getting professional advice on these plans is very helpful for all users.

OnPay integrations

OnPay lets you sync your payroll with your favorite accounting, timekeeping and HR software. This helps you save time as well as streamline operations to ensure better results.

Here is a list of integrations from OnPay:

Accounting Software: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, XeroTime-Tracking Software: QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets), When I Work, Deputy401 (k) / Retirement: Guideline, America’s Best 401k, VestwellHR & Compliance: Mineral (formerly Think HR), PosterEliteSmall Business Loan Partner : KabbageBusiness Tools: Enlarge

You can see the full list and more about each tool here.

How OnPay ranks

OnPay offers a streamlined solution for payroll services along with a simple, scalable pricing strategy that makes it particularly appealing to small and medium-sized businesses.

We have not shown the software on our list due to its limitations when it comes to automated payments, integrations and customer support. But that does not mean that OnPay is not worth a try – it’s just that there are better options for specific use cases.

For a more detailed look at these payroll solutions, go to our Best Online Payroll Service Buying Guide to see our top picks.

Gusto-Best online payroll service for most QuickBooks-Best to beat payroll and accounting in one step ADP-Best to avoid pain in wages in luxury Deluxe Payroll-Best way to attract more talent on SurePayroll-Best worry-free guarantee for small business taxes feature- rich free forever online payroll service


OnPay provides small and medium-sized businesses with simple and effective solutions for payroll management, HR, benefits and integrations to expand functionality. Its fixed monthly price, full service offerings and streamlined handling of payroll information are without a doubt its most impressive features.

But is OnPay worth your time and money? It depends on.

Although we recommend OnPay for companies looking for a full-service payroll solution, it will not be best suited for companies with exclusively salaried employees, as payments cannot be automated in the system.

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