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Microsoft Advertising announces new search multimedia ads

Mainline Multimedia Ad Example

Microsoft Advertising has announced a new responsive ad format called multimedia ads. The ads combine advertisers’ images, headlines, and descriptions using machine learning to create engaging, attention-grabbing ads.

Multimedia ads appear on search pages and appear clearly in the main line at the top of the SERP or on the right track.

There will only be one multimedia ad per day. Page so that only one advertiser can deliver one multimedia ad at a time.

Multimedia ads allow advertisers to showcase their brand in an attractive, rich ad format. Here are a few examples of how they can look.

Example of mainline multimedia ad with sub-page links Mainline multimedia ad example


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As of today, multimedia ads are officially available globally.

People who are familiar with Google’s creation of responsive display ads find the setup of multimedia ads very familiar. The evidence is similar to the process of creating responsive search ads, but with the ability to use rich visual assets in combination with text.

Microsoft Advertising strongly recommends that advertisers upload more creative variations of high quality images in all 4 image formats: 1.91: 1, 1: 1, 1: 2, and 4: 1.


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Since only one multimedia ad can be displayed at a time, Microsoft Ads has rolled out the bid adjustment settings. Advertisers can add an additional bid modifier to the placement of multimedia ads.

Microsoft Advertising creates recommendations using advertisers’ existing image assets (such as image extensions) and text ad assets, as well as stock images (coming soon).


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Once the recommendations are added to an account, advertisers have a 7-day review period to apply or reject them, after which they are automatically applied to the account. Advertisers may also opt out of the account-level automatic use feature.

Microsoft Advertising plans to implement the following enhancements in the near future:

Enhanced mainline experiences with additional rich formats, including video.Multimedia ads for retail: Combines the effect of multimedia ads with your product feeds.Additional Bing surfaces and extension to Microsoft Audience Network.New CPM-based automated bidding strategies for Multimedia ads.Additional import options for your rich media assets from other advertising platforms.


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