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Marketing-Ideas Soapbox Series: Riché McKnight

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

Having honest conversations with other people about life, experiences and knowledge is crucial for individual growth. Understanding another person’s journey and how they got to where they are today is a great way to learn and cut a path to your own success. For this reason, Marketing-Ideas decided to create the Soapbox series. The purpose of this series is to conduct conversations with well-informed, influential people in all industries to learn about their lives, gain insight into important lessons, and ask questions.

Meet our first Soapbox speaker: Riché McKnight

Riché McKnight has extensive experience in a variety of industries. Riché serves as the general counsel for the UFC as well as the Co-Global Head of Litigation in Endeavor and is able to bring a unique perspective and plenty of expertise to the table.

Prior to his current venture, McKnight acted as a partner for Winston & Strawn LLP and advised several sports associations, including the NBPA, NFLPA and MLBPA, on a number of legal issues. McKnight’s extensive background is why we felt confident in asking him to join as our first Soapbox speaker. Learn all about McKnight’s life, experience and purpose by watching our first episode below.

Riché McKnight Soapbox Episode:

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