Are exchanged or reciprocal links okay with Google?
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Lots of affiliate links OK if the content is valuable

Lots of affiliate links OK if the content is valuable

Google’s John Mueller says the number of affiliate links on a page is irrelevant as long as the main content is useful to searchers.

You can place as many affiliate links on a page as you want, without worrying about penalty or relegation.

This is stated in the Google Search Central SEO Hangout, which was registered on August 6, 2021.

Mueller is asked a question, asking:

“How many affiliate links are secure or good to have on a single page? Is there a perfect relationship between links and article length to be maintained here? ”

It’s probably not a coincidence that this issue comes within a few weeks of Google rolling out the spam algorithm update, which could penalize sites for placing unlabeled affiliate links.


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However, when affiliate links are used correctly, there is “no limit” to how many pages there can be in terms of SEO.

Here’s exactly what Mueller has to say on this subject.

Google’s John Mueller on affiliate links

Mueller clarifies that Google is not trying to send a message that affiliate links are bad. They are absolutely fine, provided they are placed in useful content:

“There is no limit. On our part, it is not that we say that affiliate links are bad or problematic. It’s more a question of, well, you actually need to have some useful content on your page as well. So that’s kind of the angle we take there.

The amount of affiliate links you have on a site is totally irrelevant. The relationship between links and article length is also totally irrelevant. ”


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Mueller goes on to say that Google needs a reason to show a site in search results, and that reason is usually because it has valuable content that people are looking for.

In addition to labeling affiliate links with rel = “sponsored”, attempts to optimize these links are further “wasted work”.

“But in essence, what we need to find is a reason to show your site in search of users looking for something. And that reason is usually not the affiliate link, but the actual content you provide on those pages.

So from the point of view of trying to optimize affiliate links or trying to hide affiliate links, or whatever you are trying to do there, I think it’s almost a waste of energy, because that’s not what we’re interested in. ”

If the content of a page is not what Google considers valuable, it will not rank, whether it has dozens of affiliate links or none at all.

Mueller says that content that copies what is on a reseller’s site is an example of something that will have trouble finding its way into search results.

“What we care about is the content and kind of why we wanted to show your pages in the first place. And if the content on your site is essentially a copy of a description from a reseller’s site, then there’s no reason for us to show your site even if you did not have affiliate links.

So you really need to first have that reason to be visible in the search results. And so how you make money on your site, or what links you place there, is essentially irrelevant. ”


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For more on the type of content Google would find valuable in this situation, it’s worth reviewing the guidance Google provided when it rolled out the product reviews algorithm update.

Hear Mueller’s full answer in the video below:

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