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LinkedIn launches native video conferencing

LinkedIn launches native video conferencing

LinkedIn is rolling out built-in video conferencing, which lets users make one-to-one calls directly in the LinkedIn app.

Since last year, LinkedIn has allowed users to start video conferencing with each other.

However, the call would take place on another app, e.g. Zoom, as LinkedIn did not have the technology to facilitate video calling.

Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn has leveraged Azure to create a native solution to connect users via video.

Here’s more about LinkedIn’s native video messaging, which is now available to anyone.

Free video conferencing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users can now meet virtually without leaving the app.


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In a statement, LinkedIn explains what native video messaging can do for users:

“From an initial job search to a 1: 1 interview, we wanted to drive the productivity of our members from end to end while maintaining them.

By adding video conferencing as part of the messaging experience, members can connect virtually while maintaining the context of their existing conversation.

Now members can easily schedule free video meetings with their network without having to download a client or sign up for any service. ”

In addition, a built-in video call will include LinkedIn-specific profile information, which provides members with a useful context about who they are meeting with.


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The next section covers how to start a built-in video call.

How to start a video conference on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s new video conferencing feature can be accessed from any chat window by pressing the “create video conferencing” button.

By default, LinkedIn will use the built-in video conferencing option, though users can still choose another service if they prefer.

Sometimes LinkedIn can ask you to start a video meeting if it detects that the conversation is heading in that direction.

More about native video conferencing on LinkedIn

Native video conferencing is powered by Azure Communication Services, which is built on the same technology that drives Microsoft Teams.

LinkedIn set up video conferencing as a whole new service, and it sounds like the company has big plans for that in the future.

The company states:

“Now that we’ve built the foundation for video conferencing, we’ve got a lot of exciting features ahead as we continue to make LinkedIn video conferencing even better …

Our investment in video conferencing has opened up innovation for video conferencing across the LinkedIn ecosystem, with potential utility issues ranging from messaging peers to interviewing candidates. ”


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Additional features planned for future updates include:

A calendar integration so that a scheduled meeting sends an email with an ICS to both parties Allows messaging chat while you are in a video call Screen sharing and virtual backgrounds

So far, the feature is limited to the basic one to one video call, though it is a significant step up from what was available before.

Interestingly, the social network, which specializes in connecting professionals, lags so far behind in video conversations, given how it has become an integral part of the workplace over the past year.


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LinkedIn was eager to send users to other services, but now it is investing in its own. With Microsoft behind it, there is great potential for the future of video calling on LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn Engineering

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