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Insights to help you understand digital traffic

Insights to help you understand digital traffic

To learn how your competitors stack up against your site in terms of digital traffic, ad referrals and organic reach, take a look at SimilarWeb.

It is a tool that gives you the kind of insight you get from the other services plus much more. These insights help you challenge the competition.

In this SimilarWeb review, I will cover the features of the platform. Armed with this information, you will gain a better understanding of what it can do for your business.

SimilarWeb Review: Digital research

If you ask “How does SimilarWeb work?” the short answer is that it is a market information and audience research solution.

Here are the types of insights you get from the platform:

360-degree visibility – Examine market trends and audience behavior. Granularity – Review domain, subdomain, and page level insights. Real-time data – Get new data daily, weekly or monthly.

Best of all, you can access all of these insights from the SimilarWeb dashboard, an intuitive interface that quickly gives you the information you need.

From now on, SimilarWeb tracks data from:

100 million websites7 million apps210 industries190 countries1 billion search terms235 million e-commerce products SKUs10 billion content pages

It is safe to say that the data you are looking for is probably there.

And when it comes to research in specific industries, here’s what you can expect SimilarWeb to deliver:

Financial Services – Get insight into all the major financial institutions and payment providers.Detail – Discover how companies convert curious visitors into customers. Look at the most successful strategies.Travel – View bookings and conversions in more than 50 countries. Follow the performance of airlines, hotels and more. Publishers and Media – Learn about the strategies that media companies use to expand their audience. Find out which marketing channels are sending them the most traffic. Consultations – Monitor traffic, engagement metrics and audience behavior.

Digital marketing

In this part of the SimilarWeb review, I explain how the tool helps you expand your audience.

How does SimilarWeb work in this regard? It gives you a one-stop-shop for competitive intelligence.

It’s more than just a SEMRush or SpyFu clone. And that’s true.

But when it comes to digital marketing assistance, it gives you the same types of insights you get from one of these services:

Competition Analysis – Learn about what works best for your competitors. Then emulate these strategies to get more customers to apply. Keyword Search – Find the search terms that people in your target market use to get information online. Optimize your content for these keywords to build your customer base. Referral Survey – Learn about the sites your customers visit regularly. Reach out to webmasters in an effort to get backlinks.Ad-research – Experience the paid strategies that competitors use to build traffic. Imitate the campaigns that work best.

By the way, the SimilarWeb digital marketing tool offers valuable insights for every member of your marketing team, including marketing executives, content marketers, affiliate marketers, media buyers, and performance marketers.

Review of SimilarWeb: Digital Marketing

SimilarWeb review: Ecommerce

Do you want to understand the customer journey for your company? If so, take a look at SimilarWeb.

First and foremost, the tool gives you insight into consumer demand. It shows you monthly and daily product views, units sold and earnings.

And it will give you that information at the product, brand and category level.

Next, SimilarWeb shows you online browsing behavior for people in your target market. It gives you insight into brand loyalty, cross-shopping and customer retention.

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And yes, you can even use the tool to optimize your Amazon search strategy. SimilarWeb shows you the best possible keywords as well as branded and non-branded searches.

It also provides insight into paid search and organic search.

Ecommerce Tools: Review of SimilarWeb

Investor Intelligence

In this part of the SimilarWeb review, I explain how the tool helps investors make important decisions.

Yes, investors. It helps these people just as it helps marketers.

Here’s how SimilarWeb benefits different types of investment groups:

Hedge funds – Gain insight into digital performance about any listed company Private capital – Perform due diligence by learning about the online presence of potential acquisition targets. Monitor the progress of any company in the portfolio. Venture capital – Use better sources and find companies that are likely to offer a positive return on investment. Investment Bank – Gain insight into the entire digital landscape. Give customers good business advice. Capital Surveys – Get the information you are having trouble finding elsewhere.

And what specific types of insights does SimilarWeb offer investors? Here is an example of the impact of teleworking on cloud adoption:

“Zoom’s flexible framework made it possible to surpass competitors, even pre-COVID, where monthly unique visitors were 130% higher than WebEx. This flexibility in times of uncertainty allowed Zoom to grow even faster, and per. By August 2020, the monthly unique visitors were 160% higher than WebEx. ”

Do you think Zoom investors (or potential Zoom investors) could have used that kind of information a while back? I think.

Sales Intelligence

SimilarWeb offers data to help you connect with the right companies at the right time.

According to the company’s website, the tool provides:

An increase of 30% in sales opportunities An increase of 10% in profit rates an increase in ROI of 150%

SimilarWeb currently tracks data from more than 30 million e-commerce sites, 40 million advertisers and 50 million publishers.

Harvest this information to create the perfect sales pitch that will definitely increase your chances of landing the next big deal.

Additionally, you can use SimilarWeb Insights to focus on the “low-hanging fruit” or companies that are more likely to respond positively to your marketing.

Review of SimilarWeb: Sales Intelligence


How much does SimilarWeb cost? You can get started with it for free.

However, if you want to sign in with the service, talk to a sales representative. The company does not display price information online.

By the way, this usually means that the service is expensive. But it makes sense because the kind of data I have covered here is not going to be cheap.

Prices for SimilarWeb

Packing it

SimilarWeb is Rolls Royce of digital marketing products. It provides insights that help you bring new products to market, increase your online presence, increase brand name awareness, tackle your competitors head on, and take your business to the next level.

The biggest obstacle for most small businesses will probably be price. You will need to sit down with your accountant and call to see if it is worth the investment.

In the meantime, feel free to sign in with the free service so you can get a better understanding of what SimilarWeb can do for your business.

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