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How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

LinkedIn is the networking platform for any business professional. For the LinkedIn user, it involves connecting with current employers and colleagues, sharing impressive career accomplishments, and seeking new job opportunities. If this is how you use the LinkedIn platform, you may be missing out on one of the most lucrative and effective aspects of the platform:

A whole world of untapped opportunities for B2B marketing success.

According to eMarketer, LinkedIn accounts for approximately one-fifth of all B2B advertising spending in the United States.1 Whether you aim to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, or increase your conversion rate, LinkedIn is a treasure trove of marketing tactics that can transform and revive your B2B business strategy.

B2B Marketing: Basics

Before we dive into the best B2B marketing strategy and practices for companies on LinkedIn, let’s take a step back to remember the basics of what B2B marketing is exactly. Unlike consumer-centric advertising, this technique focuses on promoting goods and services from one company to another – you talk to your peers, your business partners, your network.

And that’s why LinkedIn can be so effective: you’re already connected directly to your target audience.

From there, you can engage with these potential leads in a variety of ways before trying to sell them your service (though we will definitely get there eventually). B2B marketing aims to foster long-term relationships with customers, target niche audiences and satisfy a buyer’s need for efficiency and high return on investment (ROI).

How can we now mix this knowledge with LinkedIn tools? Let’s look at some of the most effective tips, tricks and techniques according to our digital marketing agency.

LinkedIn to B2B Marketing: Best Practices

When building a marketing plan that leaves an impression and creates a profitable return for your business, the first step is to clearly define your marketing goals. First, determine your priorities. Are you focused on:

Increase fire awareness? Generate high quality lead generation? Increase conversion rate?

Whatever your B2B marketing goals are, LinkedIn has an answer to help get your business site where it wants to be.

Here’s how you do it.

Brand yourself clearly

LinkedIn does not have the same customization options as your personal site, but that does not mean you can not add your brand to every inch of your LinkedIn profile. After all, if you use it to connect with potential customers and partners, it will be your first impression.

Here’s how to make it good:

Spend time on design – Do not overlook the strength of good branding. Capture your audience’s attention and develop brand recognition using consistent profile and header images across all platforms. Create a compelling pitch – Users may not linger long on your profile, so be sure to connect them with a creative headline. Aside from catching their attention, this space should clearly inform your target audience about what you are doing and how you plan to effectively meet the needs of their business. Insert well-researched keywords – If it’s a priority to discover, adding keywords to your company profile is an effective way to connect with professionals who can benefit from your product or service. Remember: it’s better to have fewer, more accurate keywords than to fill your profile with a series of broad terms.

Share engaging content

Generate high quality leads by using your LinkedIn profile as a best practice for B2B content marketing. Whether you’ve written an in-depth blog post about the benefits of your product or want to announce a new feature that has been added to your service, use this LinkedIn strategy to share regular, value-driven content.

Here are a few more ideas for content that can be shared to make your LinkedIn profile stand out:

Video Demonstrations Blog Posts Links to Podcast Episodes Webinar Events Infographics

Be sure to write consistently and actively engage with other posts to maximize traffic and expand your reach.

Cultivate trust with statements

B2B marketing is heavily dependent on building trust with other companies. This helps increase the quality of your lead generation and cultivate relationships that maintain over time.

Aside from maintaining consistent communication levels, producing valuable B2B content, and prioritizing the reliability of your products and services, you can increase your company’s reputation by sharing opinions on your LinkedIn profile. When past or present customers sing your praises, they become powerful ambassadors for your brand.

The most effective statements will:

Include specific details about both your work and its positive impact Prove the validity of your product or service Highlight your company’s expertise Demonstrate why other companies want to work with you

Not sure how to request opinions? For any novice B2B marketer, this process can at times feel daunting and a little awkward. According to Forbes, there is a simple four-step process for requesting and receiving effective recommendations on LinkedIn: 2

Prioritize the people who have the most influence – There is no such thing as too many positive reviews, but it is still important to focus your efforts where they matter most. Identify other LinkedIn users who are respected within your industry, carry impressive titles with equally respected companies and can speak directly to your value. Reach Email – How many LinkedIn alerts are ignored every single day? Instead of adding the growing pile, send a concise, professional email to the person whose testimony you are seeking. In this email, you can subtly suggest what you want them to include, and even offer to write a draft for them. Send a request on LinkedIn – When you get the green light, send a recommendation request through LinkedIn: Navigate to the bottom of your profile and click “Ask for a recommendation.” Choose the role in which you worked with this person. Select the user you requested to write the recommendation. Customize your message, including the draft you wrote to them. Follow up with a thank you message – At the very least, a truly grateful thank you email is a must. Forbes suggests going beyond a letter or even a small gift to express your appreciation.

Find the right people with advanced search

B2B marketing, as the name suggests, focuses on business-to-business relationships. As such, the human element of marketing strategy is easily lost. But at the end of the day, a business is just a collection of people – and these people make decisions about who to work with and in what capacity.

Instead of targeting corporate accounts, get in on the leaders and decision makers behind these potential B2B leads. Navigate to a target organization’s LinkedIn page, then look under the “People” tab. From there, you can connect directly with senior executives in the departments that most benefit from your product or service.

You can also use the Advanced Search tool and these filters to find the right people:

Connection Type (First Level, Second Level, Third Level) Group Members Location Industry Senior Level Company Size

By tailoring your search to fit your business’s buyer persona, you increase the likelihood of encountering prosperous leads.

LinkedIn ads

Organic growth can usually only get you that far. Pairing direct communication with LinkedIn ad campaigns can take your B2B marketing plan to the next level.

The LinkedIn Ads tool, built directly into the platform, is an excellent opportunity for branding, increased web traffic or acceleration of conversions. They make it easy to get your content in front of the right people within your B2B audience by enabling hyper-customization and relevant list building.

Customize your campaign and define your market with the following LinkedIn Ads filters:

Job seniority Company size Member age Job functions Company industries

When creating your LinkedIn Ads campaign, you can narrow the scope of your campaign based on the following ad targets:

Brand Awareness Website Visits Video Views Lead Generations Web Conversions Job Seekers

Finally, LinkedIn Ads makes it easy to adjust your ad formatting according to the type of campaign you plan to run:

Single-image ad Carousel image ad Video ad Text ad Dynamic ad Sponsored message

Some ad formats match certain campaign types better than others. For a campaign goal centered around brand awareness, you get the best deal with a single image, carousel image, or video ad. Alternatively, if the goal is to generate more leads, dynamic ads or sponsored message may be a better fit option.

Businesses are encouraged to experiment with pairing ad formats, keeping track of key performance indicators (KPIs), and customizing their formatting based on results.


You already know that email marketing is a central part of most marketing plans, but you may not know about LinkedIn’s sponsored messaging tool: InMail. According to an article published on LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, the InMail response rate is three times higher than regular email.3 Connect your business directly with others via personal messages delivered only to recipients when they are active, leading at high open prices.

Companies that choose to implement this LinkedIn tool in their B2B marketing strategy should experiment with subject lines, visuals, CTA buttons and InMail length to find the most effective way to achieve the brand goals.

The benefits of InMail for B2B businesses include:

High open rates Precise targeting Bulk messages High visibility Direct communication

If you’re launching a new product or promoting a sale, find your audience and share the news via InMail.

Efficiency: Automation tools for LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies

Effective marketing is about minimizing the time spent on smaller, more tedious tasks and maximizing the time spent developing new strategies and refining the old ones.

If buying automation software is within your budget, you can use it to effectively complement your B2B marketing approach on LinkedIn. Not only are these tools designed specifically for LinkedIn use, but they are hugely time-saving when it comes to sharing content, evaluating performance, and connecting to new leads.

Here are a few top rated LinkedIn automation tools for 2021:

Linked Helper Expandi Crystal Attach Leonard Zopto

Compare automation tools and features to find the one that makes the most sense for your brand’s initiatives.

Connect with Marketing-Ideas Marketing for B2B Marketing Success

LinkedIn is not just Facebook for professionals. It is a driving tool behind marketing success. It is especially effective in B2B marketing models due to its targeting precision and various channels where you can connect to new leads and keep them interested.

Using LinkedIn B2B marketing tools is just one way to turn your sales goals into profitable returns. If you want to develop a holistic marketing plan for your business complete with a variety of tools and tactics, consider bringing Marketing-Ideas Marketing into your team. Finding the gaps in your current B2B marketing plan and unleashing your full potential is what we do best.

Connect to Marketing-Ideas Marketing and optimize your B2B marketing today.


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