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How to recycle content | Marketing-Ideas

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

When it comes to content marketing, in addition to finding the right content marketing agency, the main priority is to reach a wider audience, but how do we do it successfully? It is important to develop new content and consistently submit blogs, but recycling old content is guaranteed to add value and reach new audiences. Learning to reuse content not only enhances the value of your existing content, but also helps you:

Tailor your overall strategy Maximize time and resources Expand your online presence Reach a wider or new audience

There are so many ways to reuse content to get the best results. Stay tuned as we offer our content recycling tips through various channels, such as email, social media, Pinterest and more.

How to recycle email content

Why spend more money and time creating and promoting new types of content when you can reuse content you have already created? Did you know that there are many different ways you can reuse your content via email? From sharing blog content and important product / service information to addressing your audience with a heartfelt letter from the CEO, the possibilities for cross-promotional content are endless.


When you reuse content via email using email automations, you can do just about anything. If you have a good piece of content, even micro-content, that educates your audience about your product or service, you could potentially include it in a welcome sequence or even create a whole new automation that pushes different pieces of content that all educate and engage your audience. The great thing about automations is that you only have to configure them once, and then they are triggered automatically by customers joining your mailing list, and the cross-channel content campaign does the work itself!


On the other hand, broadcast emails offer a unique way of pushing your content, because you can always blow content out of your lists at any time without having to use a specific trigger. The power is entirely in your hands. When you publish a piece of content through your blog, website, social media platforms, etc., it’s a good idea to push it out with your email campaigns to take advantage of a new way of advertising.

All in all, do not let your content go to waste – give it another chance to shine with the help of email marketing and all the great ways you can promote your best work!

How to recycle content on social media

If you have a presence on a social platform, you can benefit from reusing your existing blog. You have already put in the work by creating a valuable blog post for your target audience, and now you can reach new audiences without putting extra effort into a new post.

Additionally, you may have an audience that likes to visually digest their content instead of reading it, or they are much more present on social media platforms and are not aware of your blog. To ensure that you reach your entire audience, start the content creation process by reading through your existing great content and highlighting phrases, statistics or quotes that stand out. Or you can write down the main takeaways. Next, you can reuse your visual content and bring it to life on almost any social media platform, such as:

Creating an infographic Sharing a quote on your Facebook or Instagram story Create a short video or video series Creating a collection of posts

You do not have to be an expert in design or photoshop to reuse a post on social media. There are several content formatting platforms out there, such as Canva, that offer thousands of templates for just about any type of content on social media. Or you can create a post from scratch!

How to recycle content on Pinterest

Another way to get the most mileage out of your content efforts is by incorporating a Pinterest blogging strategy. Posting a blog-written content in the form of a blog to Pinterest is considered a Rich Pin, which allows you to include a larger header image header and a link to your site. Some benefits of posting blogs on Pinterest are higher user engagement, additional reach, and brand awareness.

While this strategy is directly intended to continue to engage users on Pinterest, this is also a boon for your site traffic. By using a Pinterest blogging strategy, you can promote posts and ultimately earn more traffic to your blog than what you would have gotten from organic searches alone.

Recycling of good content for lead generation

Repurposed content can also be used for lead generation.

Try taking an existing blog and building it out to be a downloadable white paper or slideshare. There are many ways to make your content more engaging, no matter what format you use. By taking the information already available and making it a more robust resource, these pieces of content can be sent to potential new customers to show that your business is at the forefront of your industry.

You can also take a number of blogs that already exist to create a downloadable e-book. If you have multiple blogs around a similar topic, you can turn them into a single e-book and use it for lead generation. By having it behind an email lead generator, you not only show potential customers that you are a thought leader, but also get a strong email list.

Using existing resources not only saves you and your team time, but can also be extremely helpful in building a strong lead generation funnel and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry.

Next steps to your content reuse strategy

When it comes to content recycling, there are many ways you can take advantage of the valuable content you have already created. By reusing your existing content through channels such as email, social media, Pinterest and lead generation efforts, you can save time and resources and also establish a coherent content strategy. Not only does this make your marketing strategy more effective, but it also creates opportunities for further promotion of some of your best content.

Once you start incorporating new channels into your content gene strategy, it helps to position your brand as a thought leader in space, and more importantly, it will maximize your time. For more information on content strategy and other marketing services, contact Marketing-Ideas today!

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