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How to get more subscribers to your channel

How to get more subscribers to your channel

Last year, the number of YouTube channels with more than one million subscribers grew by 65%. There are many brands on and up – but you do not have to hit a million to find success.

How do you get more and more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel? The key is first-class content. Here are YouTube content ideas that bring your channel towards success plus YouTube best practices that are in your back pocket while creating great videos.

What we cover:

Brainstorming YouTube Ideas for Ideas Best practices for recording YouTube videos Pro tips to make your content stand out

How to Brainstorm YouTube Content Ideas

Find your niche

Entrepreneurship and content marketing have something in common: Niching down can help you succeed in both.

Just look at Thrasher’s fries, a boardwalk heritage that only sells fries (and boy, are they good at what they do). They are so popular that they had to buy a booth directly across the street from the original location because the line became too long.

Now consider this in terms of content. While your own brand may not be that narrow, it’s a good idea to refine the content for your YouTube channel.

It’s not the only way, but finding a niche – and sticking to it – can bring your YouTube content ideas to life.

According to YouTube, “Creating videos for very specific audiences can help structure your videos and make it easier to connect with your fans.”

Finding the right niche requires careful planning and analysis. Who is your ideal audience and what kind of content do you need to publish to attract them? You could be somewhere between Post 10, a YouTuber who enthusiastically signs up for flood drainage, and Option Alpha, a channel dedicated to all options trading.

Option Alpha Playlist About Beginner Options Trading

Create a YouTube creative strategy

You also want to look at your YouTube creative strategy from a broader perspective.

This will not only help you brainstorm YouTube content ideas, but find the right ideas to run with.

The best YouTubers layout 10 basics that they keep in mind when creating their strategy. Use this list as a checklist to make sure all your ideas cover these key points:

Shareability (the video gets people to share it) Conversation (the video sparks conversation) Interactivity (the video encourages people to do something) Consistency (with your brand, your voice and aesthetics) Targeting (you reach the same audience) Sustainability (content items) Discoverability (content will be discovered) Accessibility (you have subtitles, text descriptions, translations, etc.) Collaboration (you include collaborative content when you can) Inspiration (you are inspirational action or belief) 10 basics for establishing a YouTube creative strategy

Always make sure you come up with ideas that can be repeated. One-time videos are good, but YouTubers tend to see a drop in views shortly after the release of this video. Creating videos as part of a series ensures continued viewership and increased popularity, which ultimately leads to more subscribers.

If you have found your niche but are having trouble generating content ideas, do not forget SEO. Keywords can be a way to generate content for your channel.

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Best practices for recording content

When preparing and recording your content, keep in mind these 5 best YouTube practices:

1. Write a script in advance.

Trust me. You want to know what you are saying before the camera starts recording. Reading from a script allows you to speak naturally but authoritatively. Even an overview is fine.

2. Stage a background.

I’m not talking about wonky Zoom backgrounds here. If you are recording a live-action video (rather than a voiceover, illustration or cartoon), it is important to stage a room or shoot on the spot for maximum viewing.

Invest in audio and lighting equipment that is within your budget.

There are so many options for audio and lighting equipment that they hit pretty much all price ranges. Find what works for your budget and research the product thoroughly before you buy to make sure it improves your existing quality.

4. If you are interviewing someone, practice your listening skills.

Webinars and other interview-based videos require a two-way conversation. You may be asking questions while the topic answers them. Often people tend to cut with filler words to show agreement, so practice a quiet gesture or nod instead.

You will be amazed at how much this can make a difference in the quality of your subject’s response and the recording in general.

5. Consider recording your series in a template format.

You can follow a similar structure with each episode or video in a series. Start with a brand-specific introduction and move into the pattern that works for your content. You are probably familiar with this strategy when watching your favorite TV shows or listening to your favorite podcasts. Even the most spontaneous people love consistency in their media!

Pro tips to make your content stand out

You do not need an expensive setup to record the best content. Today’s mobile phones have serious camera setups (just look at the latest iPhones with what feels like a whole lot of camera lenses).

When shooting on mobile, make sure you have plenty of good lighting and a smooth surface (like a stabilizer if you move around, or a tripod if you get quiet).

Stay close to the built-in microphone or invest in an external microphone for better sound.

Then there is your personality …

Do not be afraid to show the faces and personalities behind your brand. Go behind the scenes, or use vlog-like content that makes you relatable.

The first video ever posted on YouTube was basically a vlog of someone talking into the camera while at the zoo. These kinds of videos have been getting audiences coming together for decades.

Check out this video from YouTube with co-founder of Jawed Karim from 2005 for proof:

We may not all be like Jawed with almost 2 million subscribers, but you get the core.

You can also take advantage of YouTube’s Collaborative Playlist feature to get more reach on the platform. Form a partnership with other brands or influencers to reach twice as far.

Finally, if you need help getting your list of YouTube content ideas off the ground, focus on keywords. Words like what, why, who, where, do, when, what and how are great ways to start gathering ideas before turning them into final video titles.

Bottom line: Get your YouTube subscribers

Niching down, focusing on playlists, and making sure your YouTube content ideas fit into the basics of video are a surefire way to build a gung-ho strategy. As long as you apply best practice for recording content and follow all the professional tips you can muster, you need to entice subscribers to click the red button.

Ignite Visibility YouTube Channel

My agency has been building its YouTube presence for a handful of years now and has healthy 50,000+ subscribers. Check out our ongoing content series, like Breaking News on Digital Marketing and SEO Training, to see what it takes to build a great YouTube community.

As for how to create content for YouTube alone, follow these tips and you are sure to find success.

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