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How to Create Instagram Shopping

Changes in the Facebook & General Consumer Landscape

Get this: To discover new products and brands, 70% of e-commerce enthusiasts use their Instagram account as their destination for window shopping.1

As an ecommerce brand, the goal is conversion once you have captured a customer’s attention. However, if this customer needs to make several clicks to find the product on your site, see prices and subsequent checkout, dropoff is a significant risk.

The solution? Instagram Shopping.

Now it’s easier than ever for customers to discover your products, see their details and even buy directly in the app. Wondering how to create Instagram shopping and start gaining more traction on Instagram? This is our digital marketing agency’s management guide for social media.

Instagram Shopping 101

If your brand already maintains an Instagram presence, it’s normal to wonder if it makes sense to set up the instagram shopping feature.

While setting up an Instagram store is free, it certainly takes time and energy.

But Shopping’s unique features can help you connect with customers in valuable ways, including:

Tagged posts, stories and more for followers – Highlight topics in your stories, posts, wheels and live feed. A product sticker provides price information and customers can click to see product information (including where to buy). You can tag up to five items per. Post that can be purchased. Your own custom storefront – The new “Shop” page on your profile acts as a secondary webshop. Curate it with specific collections or popular items along with their price and purchase information. Exposure beyond your network on the Instagram Shop – You can also find on the “Shop” page for users outside your network. Shop acts as a portal for Instagram users to discover new products and brands.

Ready to take advantage of these features? How to get started.

Confirm qualification and switch to a business account or a creator account

First things first – make sure your business is actually eligible to sell products in the Instagram app.

Most companies in North America can sell on Instagram. If you are an international vendor, check the app’s list of supported markets. While Instagram supports a wide range of products, please note that weapons, drugs and other restricted drugs cannot be sold on Instagram. You will also need to accurately represent your products and accept Instagram’s terms of service. Violation of the terms may result in the closure of your store.

Once you are ready to go, the next step is to make sure you are using a business or creator account.

To switch from a personal account to an Instagram business profile in the app:

Click the Navigate icon Navigate to settings Under Account, click Switch to Professional Account

From there, you will be asked to select a category, add contact information and connect to your Facebook page.

Links to Facebook

If you already have a Facebook business page, it’s straightforward to connect to Instagram.

Are you boycotting Facebook or are you just trying to cut back on notifications? Unfortunately, Facebook is Instagram’s parent company, and linking to a Facebook page is not an option.

In fact, Instagram Shopping syncs its inventory via your Facebook business page.

Go directly to Facebook directly, or click “Create a new Facebook page” in the Instagram app.

Upload your product catalog

Next, it’s time to start uploading your items. As mentioned above, Instagram Shopping syncs with your Facebook business page to retrieve product information.

Does that mean you have to enter every product on Facebook?

Not exactly.

There are two different options for creating your product catalog.

# 1 Sync with your e-commerce store

Do you already sell your products through an online store?

It’s easy to sync your inventory across your existing store and your Facebook business page. Facebook enables automatic uploads from the following platforms:

Shopify Big Commerce Zento Magneto Open cart

Need another provider? Check out Facebook’s list of supported partners.

The next step is to sync your existing catalog with Facebook.

Use Facebook’s Commerce Manager to see a “Add a Catalog” message. From there, select “Connect a Partner Platform.” Follow the link to see your platforms’ unique instructions for integration with Facebook and Instagram. Wait for Facebook and Instagram to sync with your products and inventory. In the future, you will always make changes from your existing e-commerce store, never from your Facebook or Instagram account.

Synchronizing with your existing e-commerce store makes it easy to keep track of your products and inventory from one place.

# 2 Build a directory on Facebook

If you are a brand new startup, you may not have an existing sales channel.

Use Commerce Manager to make Facebook and Instagram your primary storefront. Instead of syncing your online store, select “Upload Product Information.”

You will see notifications about creating article titles, uploading photos and adding descriptions.

From now on, you use Commerce Manager to update your inventory, track sales and more.

Submit your catalog for review and purchase

Are you ready to start selling?

After uploading your catalog or product information, request that Facebook moderators review and approve your account.

Click “Sign up to shop” under your account settings. From there, you will be guided through the steps to submit your account for review.

This process usually takes a few days where you may be asked to confirm details such as contact information. If everything goes according to plan, you will sell in no time.

Let customers start shopping

Once Facebook has approved your account, confirm that you are ready to sell on Instagram.

On Instagram, navigate to the “Shopping” panel (under Business Settings). Then confirm the Facebook store you want to use and voila you are in business.

Choose a checkout experience

Part of the appeal of Instagram shopping is the customers’ potential to discover a product and impulse purchase. Consider ease of use when choosing between three payment options:

Check-in app, which can be activated via Shopify, Shop Runner, Big Commerce or Facebook Commerce Manager Checkout via DM, where you ask customers to send you a message to create payment redirection to your website for payment

While checkout via Instagram can streamline the purchasing process, be aware that you will need to comply with Instagram and Facebook policies, which include: 2

Submission of your EIN and acceptance of payment in USD Delivery of tracking information for shipments Issuance of refund within two days of return

Likewise, you have to pay a small fee starting at 5% per. Shipping

Start tagging products in posts, stories, and ads

Now comes the fun part – with your products in posts and stories.

Try the following strategies:

Recycle product images – Users tend to browse the feed to discover new products. Use past product photoshots as resources for your Instagram posts. Try hacking the grid using three related images at a time (just make sure they all appear on the same horizontal axis in your grid). Do not forget to put stickers on all relevant products! Schedule your ads – Paid ads are an effective way to increase your reach. When labeled with stickers, they can also generate sales. For optimal ROI, allow users to check out the app. Ask an influencer to take over – While the feed is the best way to discover products, users spend half of their time on Instagram watching stories. Get more eyeballs on you with a planned and cross-promotional takeover of influencers. Double check that your influencer-of-choice is adept at adding Shopping stickers when trying out your product. Hop on a Trend on Wheels – What are Instagram Wheels? Wheels allow you to try out other users’ audio to create engaging videos and participate in viral trends. Even better, wheels are visible to users in addition to your followers via the “Wheels” exploration page. Can your product be used in a viral dance or sound challenge? Use your sticker and have fun. Arrange a live product launch – From live clothing runways to live cooking demonstrations for hot sauce entrepreneurs, there are a number of creative ways to engage viewers while implementing stickers and running e-commerce. Keep in mind that only Instagram checkout-enabled tags are eligible to use this feature.

Customize your store and create collections

Influencer partnerships, paid ads and organic campaigns are all great ways to increase your views and increase the number of followers. But what do users see when they click on your “Shop” page?

If there is simply a grid with similar products, you may be missing out on an opportunity.

Instagram web pages can now be customized a lot. In addition to our website and grid, your store page provides a window to your aesthetics and brand values ​​- so it pays to spend time curing it. Collections mimic an editorial experience that allows users to browse products by color, occasion, price, and other criteria. When you curate your collections, the sky is the limit.

Consider working with an Instagram marketing specialist to speed up the design process.

Track your results

How well is your Instagram campaign doing?

Instagram Business offers an “Insights” page that helps you evaluate the success of specific ads, products, and posts using metrics such as impressions, impressions, and engagement.

As you continue to use Instagram Shoppable posts and other tools, let data guide your decision making. If live content generates more sales, add a regular live event to your marketing calendar. If ads generate the best return on investment, it’s time to talk to your marketing team.

How we manage Instagram Shopping

You have less than a second to impress on the Instagram news feed. And when it comes to Instagram Shopping, the right strategy makes all the difference in reach and conversions. Wondering what the difference is between Instagram reach and impressions? We’ve got you covered.

At Marketing-Ideas, we take the guesswork out of Instagram Shopping so you can focus on what you do best – innovate new products.

From setting up your virtual storefront to keeping track of analytics, we take care of your Instagram needs from A to Z.

Contact us today to learn more about our Internet marketing services.


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