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How Social Media Helps SEO [Final Answer]

How Social Media Helps SEO [Final Answer]

Most companies know the importance of being active on various social media platforms. However, some may think of social media as an independent entity rather than something that affects the rest of their digital marketing efforts.

Social media provides many great benefits on its own, but also helps other areas of your digital marketing efforts – including SEO.

However, understanding the relationship between social media and SEO can be a little difficult.

History of social media and SEO

While we can say with confidence that a site’s social profiles do not directly and causally affect that site’s rankings, there is actually little more to it than that.


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The history of social media and SEO provides a look into the gray area of ​​this topic.

No one outside of Google will ever know exactly what the search algorithm does and does not do; we have to rely on public announcements for that.

But here’s the scoop. Back in 2010, Danny Sullivan reported that Google had “social cues” that helped it rank organic results. It kind of sounds final.

In fact, Matt Cutts, who previously led Google’s webspam team, later confirmed the claim of “social sites as ranking signals”.

But the story does not end there.

In 2014, Cutts changed its statements by saying that Google did not treat social media profiles as ranking signals, but rather as their own organic search results.

Two years later, Google Webmaster Trends analyst Gary Illyes confirmed Cutts’ 2014 tag.

What we can say with confidence today is that social signals have a relationship to organic placements, but they do not directly affect those placements.


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It’s just that the sites that tend to be ranked at the top of the SERPs are likely to have strong social presence with content shared across all of their platforms.

So yes, Google will rank sites with robust social profiles, but these profiles do not directly affect these rankings. These sites as a whole need to work well to rank high.

How Social Media Helps SEO

Social media is not a placement factor, so it does not help your placements directly. Although there is no direct rank correlation between the two, the benefits of social media are distributed with SEO.

And if you are trying to improve your SEO, it is especially important for you to invest in social.

Here’s why.

1. You can increase your content performance

If you have not used social media to share your content, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Social platforms are important places to share any kind of content that your business produces.

When you post content on your site and do not go through the extra steps of sharing it everywhere, it will just sit there.

You probably put a lot of work into creating it. Not sharing it is a waste.

Social gives you access to a much wider audience than you would have on your site alone.

Ultimately, the more people who visit and engage with the content of your site, the more positive signals and benefits your search. The effect is indirect, but it is there.

2. There are several options for getting backlinks

Bringing more traffic to your content is not the only reason to share it on social media. With more eyes on your content, you increase the chances that someone will link to it.

Backlinks are a big part of SEO. They show search engines that other people find the content on your site valuable. Content can be placed higher if it is beneficial to the users.


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You may have great content worth using backlinks, but you will not get them if it goes unnoticed.

And if these people who discovered your content through social thought it was valuable, some of them might as well share it so others can enjoy it too.

Content can be easily spread through social media even if you do not have a large number of followers. All it takes is someone linking back to you for even more people to see, and social media is a great place to get started.

3. Social profiles can rank by search terms

While how your site ranks can be a major concern for your business, you may not have thought about how your social profiles rank. When people set up your business using branded products, your social profiles have a chance to rank alongside your site.

If you have more options to rank by brand searches, why not?


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People are searching for your brand so they are already interested in what you have to offer.

While most people who search for your brand will go to your site, there are also many who want to see what you have on social media. Your social media profiles can provide a different overview of your business than your site alone and provide additional information to those who want it.

For those who are still at the fence and trying to decide, having active and engaging social media profiles that come up when trying to do research may be the push they need.

4. You bring more traffic to your site

The ultimate goal in SEO is usually to increase visibility and bring more visitors to your site. However, increasing the rank of your site is not the only way to bring more traffic to your site.

By staying active on social media and posting the content that your audience wants to see, you can bring a lot more traffic to your site.


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With so many people on social media today, you can guarantee that your target audience is somewhere. These are people who may not have found out about your business through search results alone, but who may benefit from your products or services.

If you are just getting started with SEO, social media can also help attract visitors faster than search engines.

SEO can take months to get started, and while it’s worth the wait, you may not get the traffic you need right from the start.

For businesses struggling to bring visitors to their website, learning how to use social media to attract visitors may be the boost you need.

5. Good social profiles create trust

One reason to invest in SEO is to build trust among your audience.

Today, consumers have an overwhelming number of options available to them. While it can be a good thing to have more than enough businesses to choose from, it also makes things harder for consumers who want to make the best choice.


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There are many companies out there that are not reliable and do not give consumers anything so people are very careful about the companies they choose to engage with.

Most companies have social media profiles now and people expect to see legitimate companies there. Bad or non-existent social media can be a red flag for consumers.

If you have used SEO to help build trust in your audience and increase your online reputation, social media can be a great asset.

It also gives you a chance to humanize your brand. You can share what sets you apart and easily engage with those who are interested in learning more.


Everything you do to build your business online needs to work together. SEO and social media both have their own benefits for businesses, but they are even more effective when they support each other.

Just having social media profiles for your business may not automatically do anything for your SEO, but stick to it and you will see how they work better together.


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