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How long should Google rank a rehabilitated site

How long should Google rank a rehabilitated site

A fascinating discussion in a Google Office Hours hangout about how long it takes to relocate a site that has previously hosted low quality content. Google’s John Mueller answers how long it takes for Google to recalculate the quality of a site after removing thousands of low quality pages and then explains why it takes so long.

The issue involved a site where 80% of the web pages are of low quality. The context of the issue was the rehabilitation of a site that is poorly crawled by Google.

Low quality content that affects crawl patterns

The question was asked in the context of a major question about insufficient crawl of a site where thousands of pages were not indexed.

The interrogation line then drifted towards trimming low-quality pages so that Google could find and review the 20,000 higher-quality pages out of a total of about 100,000 pages, the majority of which were low-quality.

Google’s John Mueller on how long to rank a site

Strategic slaughter of low quality web pages

The person who asked a series of questions finally asked how long it would take Google to recalculate the quality of the site after improving the site and start crawling, indexing and ranking the site as a normal.


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The person who asked the question asked:

“So if you started in the 100,000 camp and migrated to the 20,000 more limited pages of higher quality, how long would you say it takes for Google to recalculate that the pages and Sitemap are reliable… pages worth reviewing . “

John Mueller addressed the issue of improving the quality of the site itself and said that it is less a technical issue than a strategic one.

But he did not yet address how long it took to relocate the site.

He does so in the follow-up response.

Mueller replied:

“Improving the quality of a website in general, I think it’s something that is mostly less of a technical problem and more of a strategic problem.

Like, how do you approach what you publish?

One approach that is a little more technical is to think about what you can do to reduce the number of pages you deliver so that you have … as instead of saying you have 100,000 pages, you say well , I have 20,000 pages that I want Google to crawl and index, and these are our top 20,000 pages.

And by doing so, it’s much easier for us on the one hand to say well, we can crawl and index 20,000 pages, that’s fine.

And we could look at these pages and we can see, oh they work really well, these are really good pages.

And so from there over time we can kind of expand to the rest of the page.

So this is something I sometimes see sites do, and I generally think it’s a good strategy.

Because it also helps you refine a bit and think about what actually makes a good high quality page and how we could determine it, perhaps automatically in scale. ”


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How long does it take to rank a rehabilitated site

The person who asked the question was followed up by asking how long it takes for Google to rank a site that followed his advice to cut 80,000 low quality pages out of 100,000 pages to present the 20,000 pages that was of the highest quality.

Mueller replied:

“I guess it takes a couple of months, maybe half a year, something like that.

Because we really need to take the time to understand the essentially new web site that we find such.

And some things we pick up pretty quickly.

But when we talk about the overall quality of the site, it takes some time. ”

This statement corresponds to a response from April 2021, in which he advised:

“It’s probably more like … I do not know … three, four months, anything like that if you make significant quality changes.”


Interesting answer from Mueller, because he first said that the dramatically changed site, where 80% of the content was removed, is technically considered a new site in terms of the content of a brand new site versus the old site and the content on this website.

The other interesting comment from Mueller, of course, was that it takes from a few months to half a year for Google to review and relocate a substantially new site of about 20,000 pages.


Watch John Mueller answer the question at the 29:16 minute mark

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