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How important is structured data in SEO?

How important is structured data in SEO?

The use of structured data is gaining ground, but we still have ways to go. In fact, 50% of brands still use unstructured data.

But it is no longer a “nice to have” – ​​it is a necessity. Structured data has many benefits, including higher clickthrough rates, greater search visibility, faster indexing, and voice search dominance.

It helps Google understand your content better and faster and can help improve your site’s visibility in search features.

The more you can communicate to search engines in the same language, the better you can understand each other.

The many uses of structured data

You can find structured data for almost any type of content, including event listings, products and restaurants, just to name a few – with much more to come.

This is because big brands tested the waters with their time and resources and were able to link the results back to business value, e.g. To improve traffic or generate conversions.

Structuring your data with not only gives you great search benefits, such as reusing the information to improve analytics or on-site search – it also provides voice benefits, e.g. To inform chatbots.


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By structuring the data, you help define the content to increase the machines’ chances of correctly matching your content to relevant voice queries.

In fact, Amazon says it uses schema to determine local business intention.

The collision

We implemented structured data for one of our largest financial clients and documented some impressive results after the implementation:

400% net growth in rich profit organic traffic overall. 160% growth in exposures and 150% growth in clicks for the response center. 41% growth in exposures and 28% growth in clicks for Magazine.

Now I know some of you might be wondering if we did something else next door. There are many reasons why organic performance can be improved, such as building new content or getting new links.

Nix. This is solely the result of implementing structured data. We even tested it by turning it off and the results started to drop.

The value of structured data was previously only to get the rich result from Google.


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Now the value extends further to the quality of traffic measures.

Google has published some case studies that go over some examples of using schema for some major brands.

Top 5 Reasons Why Many Brands Do Not Use Forms

There are some common reasons why we have encountered why some clients do not use structured data:

They do not have the resources in the house and have to rely on an agency or a consultant who can become expensive. They are not technical and do not understand the code and how to mark items. We all know that an error in the code may result in your structured data not being validated. It is not supported by their CMS. They neither see nor understand the benefits, even though Google provides case studies that show the incremental value. They are behind time and stuck in the past.

Fortunately, there are some great solutions on the market that allow you to scale and easily create, manage, and measure structured data.

The main benefits of using schedule

There are many benefits to using form, especially for e-branding.

Here are a few of the most important.

Get your content indexed faster

Google cannot crawl the entire Internet, which has more than 3.23 billion pages. It will not either, because crawling is expensive and there is a lot of duplication and low quality content that the search engine wants to keep out of its index.

Having structured data can help Google find your content more easily and understand it better.

Higher CTR

Getting rich results to show your products in the SERPs is a great way to increase your clickthrough rate and raise awareness of your listings, especially if you have good product reviews.

More conversions

Having rich results can also increase your conversion rates. If more people see your listings and the listings are positive, they are more likely to buy from you.

Get selected excerpts and become the winner of voice search queries

Getting rich results is the holy grail of SEO. Your site appears at the top of the search engine results page before the organic listings.

Having structured data is not a necessity, but it can sometimes help you earn a selected piece of code. This can improve your clickthrough rates and drive more traffic.

Voice search results are subtracted from selected excerpts. This means that you can be the only result for a voice query because Google uses these results for verbal answers.


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Manage your information

Structured data is a foundation with which machines understand your content. It also allows brands to control how their information is defined, which in turn puts them in control of how machines understand the brand.

Having structured data saves bandwidth and time because you provide information to Google so they can understand it.

It is also important to understand that search engines play a long game with structured data, as it enables a more efficient way to effectively answer search queries with more personal and factual results.

This is called “data retrieval” as opposed to the traditional and bandwidth taxing practice of “information retrieval”.

This shift – and the importance of structured data – is not disappearing.

Tips for structured data

Structured data must be used correctly or you may find yourself with a manual action. I know it first hand.

I had an old job board that I was not very aware of because the industry had changed so much. And therefore, some of the job postings used structured data that did not match the content on some of the job pages.


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When I discovered that some of the search engine rankings started falling for some keywords, and impressions / clicks also dropped over time, I went into the Google Search Console and found a manual action.

I found out which URLs were causing the issues, blocked them in robots.txt, and submitted them to Google for reconsideration.

They processed my request and the placements started going back to page one from the bottom of page two.

Take manual actions seriously and use the correct structured data types. You will not see Google reduce your visibility and performance because you do not use structured data markup correctly.

Always make sure to monitor your site – ie. clicks, impressions, keywords, etc. – for characters that may be a problem.

Implementing and maintaining structured data can be time consuming. Only an error in your code can cause structured data not to be validated.

With new structured data types coming out all the time, it’s worth paying attention to – especially when you can reap the benefits of incremental traffic, impressions and clicks.


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Also, be sure to update structured data from time to time. New things are constantly emerging from a structured data perspective.

Job postings are a good example of this. Google has just announced directApply, which is a new change to the job posting’s structured data type.


Structured data is no longer just nice to have – it helps Google understand your content better.

It is also an important factor if you want your site to be visible in search features and stand out in the SERPS. The results can include rich results, improved detectability and even more clicks.

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