Are exchanged or reciprocal links okay with Google?
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Google still uses original page titles for search rankings

Google still uses original page titles for search rankings

Google’s John Mueller confirms that the original title of a webpage will still be used for ranking even if it’s replaced in SERPs.

This is stated under the Google Search Central SEO Hangout, which was registered on September 3, 2021.

A question is being asked regarding the latest page title update, which replaces titles for selected pages with text that Google deems more relevant.

A concerned SEO wants to know if the original title will be used for rankings if it does not appear in search results.

Here is Mueller’s answer.

Google’s John Mueller on Page Title Update

In response to being asked if original titles are relevant to rankings, Mueller confirms that this is currently the case, though it may change in the future.


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If your original title is targeted to an important keyword and that keyword is not included in Google’s replacement, you can be assured that it is still used by Google’s search ranking algorithms.

“Yes. At least that’s how it is at the moment. You never know how these things will develop over time, but at least for the moment it’s the case that we continue to use what you have in your title tag in your title element, as something we can use for ranking.

It does not look like anything that replaces everything for the site, but it is a factor that we use in there. Although when we show the title of your page, we may be exchanging the one keyword you are interested in, we would still use it for ranking. ”


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One issue that has come up a lot since the rollout of the page title update is whether sites should change their titles to the ones Google chooses.

Mueller says no, it can not be recommended. Google’s replacements are by no means superior to titles, nor will they necessarily improve rankings if they were coded into the site.

Given what we now know about original titles used by Google’s search algorithms, removing them may adversely affect your ranking.

Mueller addresses this misconception:

The second question I always get about the titles is: “Should I change my titles to be what Google has chosen? Because obviously Google knows better. ”

And the answer is no. These are algorithms that look at things and try to figure things out, but you know your site best. You know your users best. So I would not blindly follow what Google’s algorithms do.

Maybe there are cases where Google’s algorithms give you great ideas and that’s great. But I would not blindly follow it. ”

Hear Mueller’s full answer in the video below:

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