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Google shares 5 insights into appearing in Google News

Google shares 5 insights into appearing in Google News

Google shares five insights that can help website owners better understand how news appears on surfaces like Google News and Google Search.

In a new blog post, Google answers the following frequently asked questions about news content:

Where does news appear on Google? Is my site eligible to appear on these sites? How do I know if my site is showing up? Is there anything I can do to improve my visibility? I follow Google’s advice. Why is my site still not showing?

Here is a quick overview of each answer.

Where does news appear on Google?

News content can be viewed at:


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Google News, which you can access via the mobile app or at, displays news in two ways.

The “For You” tab contains a news story feed based on a user’s interests, while the “Headlines” tab surfaces the same set of news stories for all users in a particular region.


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In addition to displaying news content links in web results, Google Search displays news in the Top Stories carousel and the News tab.

Can my site appear where Google shows news?

Websites are automatically indexed in Google News if they meet the following criteria:

Has a high level of expertise, authority and reliability Has a coherent history of producing original news-related content Complies with Google’s news policies.

Google previously required publishers to go through an application process to appear in Google News, but it was withdrawn in 2019.

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How do I know if my site is appearing in Google News?

The best way for website owners if their content appears in Google News is to look at the performance reports in the Search Console.

Specifically, check the Google News report and the Google Search report (filtered by search type News).

These reports indicate whether a site is receiving traffic from Google News and News Searches in Google Search.

Google notes that while the site: search query can be used on Google News or the News tab to see if pages are indexed, that does not mean that those pages are eligible to appear for news searches.


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Is there anything I can do to improve the visibility of news content?

When Google’s systems identify content that is eligible to appear on news feeds, its position is automatically determined by a number of factors, including:


The Google Publisher Center can be used to manage content that is considered qualified, but eligibility is determined through the automated process.


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Website owners can e.g. Do not use the Publisher Center to force content into Google News.

I follow all this advice. Why is my site not showing?

Google emphasizes the importance of regularly producing original news content with high expertise and authority.

Following this advice, a site should be eligible to appear on Google’s news feeds.

Google notes that its systems run regularly and will recognize whether a site has improved its content to better meet these criteria.

Source: Google Search Central Blog

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