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Google Search terminates support for Internet Explorer 11

Google Search terminates support for Internet Explorer 11

Google Search no longer supports the Internet Explorer 11 web browser, as the company puts it: “We did the math. It’s time.”

Malte Ubl, a software engineer at Google, posted the announcement on Twitter, noting that this is particularly good news for the developer community:

As a web developer, this is one of the happiest messages for a while: Google Search ended support for IE11 in its main product 🎉 (you can still search, but get a recurring experience). I mostly send this so you can send it to your boss 😛. We did the math. It’s time.

– Malte Ubl (@cramforce) October 1, 2021

To clarify, “discontinued support” does not mean that Google will be unavailable from Internet Explorer.


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Google would rather operate a stripped-down version of the search engine that can return basic results, but not much else.

“Completed support” means that in future none of Google’s new features will be compatible with Internet Explorer.

This is definitely bad news for the 1.32% of the market who use Internet Explorer on their desktop computer.

However, as the Google engineer says, it is not prudent to continue developing features for such a small segment of the market.

“We did the math” probably refers to an assessment of the resources needed to support IE11, compared to the potential losses that result from these users not getting the full Google experience.


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WordPress made a similar assessment and dropped support for IE11 with the release of WordPress 5.8 back in July.

These decisions are unlikely to affect any business too much. given that Microsoft itself is pulling the plug on Internet Explorer in July 2022.

Those who still stick to IE will be forced to adapt to an alternative sooner rather than later.

Followed by the Microsoft Edge browser, a new version of Internet Explorer has not been released since 2013. Although IE11 is still included with the Windows operating system.

Windows 11, which is shipped with Microsoft Edge only, is coming to an end.

Google is moving on from Internet Explorer, and soon the whole world will too.

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