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Google rolls out new spam algorithm update

Google rolls out new spam algorithm update

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirms that an anti-spam algorithm update is being rolled out to search results.

The rollout of the update ends today, June 23, 2021. Another spam update will follow next week.

Exact details were not given about this specific update. Although Google regularly rolls out spam updates to maintain the quality of its search results.

It’s unlikely that a legitimate site that follows Google’s webmaster guidelines has anything to worry about regarding these spam updates.

Google has a strict definition of what it considers to be spam, and it primarily includes low-quality websites that trick users into providing personal information or installing malware.

Spam updates are also targeted at phishing scams and other bad actors on the web who try to place themselves in the search results by posing as highly relevant pages.

That said, even sites that follow Google’s guidelines are vulnerable to hacked spam. If a website is not adequately secured, it can serve spam to users without knowing it.

Google’s annual anti-spam report indicates that hacked spam is widespread. If your site suddenly drops in position after today’s update or next week, it would be wise to examine the security of your site and look for signs of a possible attack.


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When a site is hit by a spam update, its content is either downgraded in the search results or removed from Google’s index.

The company estimates that its automated systems keep more than 99% of visits from search results spam-free.

By announcing this update, Sullivan links to an April blog post outlining the results of Google’s recent anti-spam efforts.

Last year, Google’s automated systems blocked 25 billion spam pages from being indexed in search results every day.

We’ll probably learn more about the impact of spam updates from June 2021 when Google publishes its annual report on combating spam next year.


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As part of our regular work to improve results, we have released a spam update for our systems. You can learn more about our efforts to fight spam in this post: https: //

And this video below: https: //

– Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) June 23, 2021

For more information on how Google fights spam, Sullivan links to the video below:

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