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Google Page Title Update is dynamic and responsive to changes

Google Page Title Update is dynamic and responsive to changes

As more information comes out about Google’s update to generate web page titles, we’ll learn that it’s dynamic and will respond to changes on the site.

This means that the replacement text that Google selects for page titles is not stoned.

When you change the page’s HTML title tag, Google takes the updated text into account and then responds.

This was stated by Google’s Danny Sullivan on Twitter in response to a question from Lily Ray.

Ray asks how often Google will update its chosen title to a page, noting that it is common for news media to change titles after publication.


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Sullivan says he believes Google’s new title tag system is dynamic. Furthermore, he reveals that improvements have already been made and more are on the way.

“I have to check, I think the whole thing is pretty dynamic and reactive to changes. I will also repeat what we said in the post. We have already made some improvements and are planning more. ”

Whether Google shows your revised title tag in SERPs will likely depend on its rating of the text and how well it describes what’s on the page.

Google’s most important criterion for deciding when a page title should be replaced is how accurately it represents what a user will find when visiting the URL.


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If you notice that Google replaces one or more of your page titles, it’s a good indication of what you had that did not adequately reflect the main content.

The good news is, if you’re not happy with Google’s choice of text, you can write a new title tag and possibly see that text instead.

Given how recently this update rolled out, and the fact that Google is currently in the process of refining it, it is not advisable to make many changes right now.

Lily Ray suggested just as much in her ongoing coverage of the page title update as Sullivan refers to in her response to Twitter.

“I think you said elsewhere and did not advise people to start making many changes. That’s good advice. As we said in the post, you need to keep focusing on good HTML title tags as we use them far more than anything else. And the feedback in forums or elsewhere is useful … ”

For Sullivan’s point, Google confirmed in its announcement that over 80% of the pages displayed in SERPs will retain their original HTML title tags.

Keep focusing on writing good HTML titles, and try not to stress too much about making changes if you see Google replacing them.

Google wants feedback on page title update

Google requests feedback on its web page news generation system.


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Mueller started a treadmill in Search Console Help forums where you can share your experience with this update and how it affects your site.

He asks you to be as detailed as possible in your submission. Include the page URL, the title displayed, the device type used, and any feedback you have on that title. You can even include a screenshot if you wish.

At the time of this writing, there are only two responses to the thread, so not much feedback so far. Although it seems that Google has some issues to solve.


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Source: @dannysullivan on Twitter

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