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Google Lighthouse 8.3.0 Update

Google Lighthouse 8.3.0 Update

Lighthouse, the technology that drives audits in Chrome Dev Tools and PageSpeed ​​Insights updated to version 8.3.0. The new version includes bug fixes and incremental improvements, but it also takes the first step toward measuring what happens after a web page loads. This new direction is called Project Fraggle Rock.

The updated version of Lighthouse is live on PageSpeed ​​Insights. It is scheduled to be released in Chrome Dev Tools in Chrome 94 on September 21, 2021.

Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is an open source tool created by Google that tests web pages for web performance bottlenecks, accessibility issues, and identifies SEO opportunities.

Because the tool is open source, the underlying code that powers Lighthouse can be found in numerous third-party tools, some of which extend Lighthouse by adding various options and more useful data visualizations.

This means that any changes to the Lighthouse will inevitably make it third-party tools as well.

Lighthouse can be used as part of the Chrome Dev Tools toolkit, which is native to all Chrome-based browsers.


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Lighthouse 8.3.0 comes Chrome 94, which is expected to be released on September 21, 2021.

PageSpeed ​​Insights updates for Lighthouse 8.3.0

PageSpeed ​​Insights is a performance measurement tool also produced by Google. Google Lighthouse drives PageSpeed ​​Insights.

The difference between PageSpeed ​​Insights and the Lighthouse tool is that PageSpeed ​​Insights only shows the effectiveness metric of the web page and is strictly focused on this metric.

PageSpeed ​​Insights does not display the rest of the data that Lighthouse presents, including accessibility and SEO.

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What’s new in Lighthouse 8.3.0

There are no major shifts in measuring Core Web Vitals. But version 8.3.0 represents a small step towards bigger things in the future and also includes bug fixes.

Lighthouse Fraggle Rock Project

Lighthouse 8.3.0 takes a small step towards moving beyond analyzing a single web page and expanding to also analyze user flows.

The guy’s future analyzes streams from when a user performs an action such as clicking a button and what happens next.


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Lighthouse currently measures things like how long it takes for a web page to become interactive.

The new drive on the flow direction measures what happens after the page is loaded.

This project is ingeniously called Fraggle Rock, which is the name of a 1980s children’s show that featured a lighthouse called Fraggle Rock Lighthouse.

The current description of the Fraggle Rock project is officially summarized:

“Fraggle Rock (Lighthouse scripted scenarios) allows a developer to get a Lighthouse report in addition to an initial page load. This is valuable as it gives developers insight into performance and best practices for complex user flows such as signup, add to cart, time to tweet, etc. ”

The official GitHub page for the new feature describes four scenarios:

Run snapshot revisions on a page after interaction, that is, I have clicked on a menu option and now recognize the accessibility category Run time intervals on a page during any interaction Run Lighthouse on a traditional page navigation from an existing pageRun Lighthouse on an app – navigation on a page ”

There are eight (preliminary) phases to bring current to the lighthouse.

The firing team is currently in phase zero, which is the planning phase.

“Phase 0 – Research and design

Create an overview of all revisions that catalog their implicit requirements (eg Snapshot v. Time interval v. Load) Complete Create design document and project plan Complete ”

Phases 1 – 8 have not been completed, so it is clear that the Lighthouse team is at the beginning of an important update that will change this tool dramatically.

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Guy 8.3.0 Bug fixes

Lighthouse 8.3.0 also includes bug fixes and small improvements, some of which were suggestions from the developer community who were frustrated with issues they discovered.

For example, one of the fixes was to deal with “calculating resource size for cached images”.

One of the developers commented:

“The original reason we wanted to disable cache was that when calculating resource size, the collector takes transferSize into account, which is 0 for cached images. Images coming from the cache are therefore ignored by this collector. This appears to be unwanted behavior as it should not matter whether an image is cached or not optimized.


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Turning off the cache solved the problem, but added an average of 10 seconds to our lighthouse. I’m wondering if the aforementioned code actually does not inadvertently discard cached images. ”

Lighthouse SEO Category Rewording

The SEO category Lighthouse was reformulated to emphasize Core Web Vitals (CWV).

The new wording also removes the explicit reference to improving search results ranking and replaces this reference with the words “advice on search engine optimization”, which is more neutral in terms of promises to shake the top of search engine results pages.

The official GitHub page for this change says:

“Updates our SEO category description to dim its completeness and remind the user of CWV.”

Previous Lighthouse SEO description:

“These controls ensure that your site is optimized for ranking search engine results.

There are additional factors that Lighthouse does not control that can affect your search rankings. ”

The new Lighthouse SEO description now reads as follows:

“These controls ensure that your site follows basic search engine optimization tips.

There are many additional factors Lighthouse does not score here that can affect your search rankings, including performance on Core Web Vitals. Learn more. “


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Guy 8.3.0 Overview of changes

It is realistic that the Lighthouse team reformulated the SEO section to more precisely define SEO as search engine optimization and better pull back any link to placement.

The most interesting part of the Lighthouse 8.3.0 release is clearly the Fraggle Rock project, which will soon be covered in more detail.


Lighthouse 8.3.0 Release Notes

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