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Google changes page experience signaling criteria

Google changes page experience signaling criteria

Google removes secure browsing from the criteria that websites must meet in order to take advantage of the page performance ranking factor.

As a result of this change, the Google Search Consoles update the page experience report with a simplified design that removes redundant data.

In particular, widgets for secure browsing and ad experience are dropped from the report. Google provides the rationale behind this decision in a blog post.

In addition, several fixes are being implemented to improve the way missing data is handled.

Here’s more about all the changes that are rolling out today.

Removing the widget for secure browsing

Google removes the Safe Browsing widget from the page experience report because it is no longer a ranking signal.


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The report was created to help SEOs understand how sites respond to signals that make up the page experience ranking factor.

It is not necessary to include secure browser data in the report in the report as it is not used in rankings.

“Safe Browsing systems at Google are designed to keep users safe on the Internet. Sometimes websites fall victim to third-party hijacking, which can cause safe browsing warnings.

We recognize that these issues are not always under the control of ownership, which is why we clarify that Protected Browsing is not used as a ranking signal and is not found in the Page Experience Report. ”


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The Google Search Console will continue to report safe browsing flags outside of the page experience report.

Removing the Ad Experience Widget

Google removes the ad experience widget from the Search Console to avoid displaying the same information in multiple reports.

A standalone version of the ad experience report will continue to be available in the Search Console, which identifies ad experiences that violate Better Ads Standards.

Like secure browsing, the ad experience report is not a factor in the page’s experience ranking.

Further improvements

Google is updating the page experience report with several bug fixes and enhancements, which include:

Added a “No Recent Data” banner to the Core Web Vitals report and the page experience report. Fixed a bug that caused the report to display “Failed HTTPS” when Core Web Vitals data was missing. Rephrased the blank state text in the page experience report and Core Web Vitals report.

As a reminder, Google’s page experience algorithm update began rolling out on June 15, 2021, and rollout will end on August 31, 2021.

Source: Google Search Central Blog

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