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Google celebrates National Book Lovers’ Day by revealing search data and more

Google celebrates National Book Lovers' Day by revealing search data and more

Let’s face it, the years 2020 and 2021 have not been good for anyone anywhere.

The saying ‘escape inside a good book’ has never been more apt, and although many booksellers and libraries around the world had to close their doors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it did not stop people from investing in a new paperback or hardback or two.

And it’s not just the reading hobby that people rediscovered during the lockdown.

Many put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, resulting in 600 books being published the same day in the UK last year.


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That is 24% more books published than the year before.

Always ready to respond to a trend, Google jumped on the book-loving bandwagon with some search data and tips that marketers can take advantage of to improve their strategies, and shoppers can use to find hidden treasures in the form of local bookstores.

Google reveals book-related searches

Google occasionally reveals search trends. In February this year, the tech giant unveiled popular and bizarre pandemic-related keywords that made the rounds.

And yesterday, Google listed popular book-related searches from users in the U.S. for their ‘bibliophiles,’ and we have Trends data to back it up.


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Google and Maps book searches peaked on July 11, up 111% from the same day last year.

But what were these searches?

Best fantasy books. Best sci-fi books. Best mystery books. Best Historical Fiction Books. Best fiction books.

As you can see, general fiction took the lead for most searches, followed by searches for fantasy and mystery novels.

Google also revealed popular ‘books on …’ searches:

Books about love. Books about life. Books on mental health.

These search trends show that humans perform both super-specific searches (books on mental health) and more generalized searches that are outside the normal categorizations.


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Searching for ‘Bookcase’ Hits An All-Time High

Not only did Google showcase the types of terms that publishers or independent bookstore marketers can target as part of their digital advertising efforts, but they also touched on other online shopping trends related to reading.

Google searches for ‘bookshelf’ rose to an all-time high, largely surpassing ‘bookshelf’.


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This not only helps marketers distribute their advertising budgets, but also when deciding which products to stock in the short and long term.

Google offers a bid on how searchers can use Google Maps to find local bookstores

In addition to revealing search trend data that can be exploited by marketers, they also highlighted some Maps features that shoppers can take advantage of, including:

Adding local bookstores to saved lists

Google advises searchers to use the Explore tab in the Maps app to find local bookstores.

Shoppers can then review information from the bookstores’ business profile, such as:


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Hours of operation.Locality.Reviews.LGBTQ-friendly status.Black owned bookstores.

When customers find a new bookstore they want to visit, they can add it to their lists to refer to later.

Get recommendations from other people

Shoppers can also use Local Guides or follow other people’s Maps accounts to see reviews, photos and recommendations.

When shoppers follow other people, they receive updates when posts and reviews are published.


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Participates in supporting local bookstores

In addition to discovering new bookstores and knowing which businesses are worth a visit, Google also recommends that customers who have visited local stores leave reviews and photos to show their support.

Shoppers can also update business information where there are conflicts, e.g. Opening hours to ensure that other users get the best experience when they go shopping.

Optimizing for Google can often be a serious topic, so it’s extremely refreshing when Google provides information in weird and funny ways.

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