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Google adds new shipping and return listings to search results

Google adds new shipping and return listings to search results

Google allows retailers to indicate in the search results when they offer special shipping and return related campaigns.

Retailers using either free or paid listings in Google Shopping are eligible to take advantage of these new features.

The annotations, e.g. “Get it by December 24th” also appears when product listings are returned in search results.

Google introduces these specifically to targeted holidaymakers, noting that U.S. searches for “holiday gift ideas” in August have already exceeded the 2020 level.

In addition, customers say they intend to order significantly more online this holiday season than in previous years:


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“In June, 58% of U.S. holiday retailers said they would shop more online this season than in previous years, and 59% said they would shop earlier to avoid an item being sold out.”

Searches are up and all signs point to an online shopping boom this holiday.

Given the state of shipping this year and the many delays people are facing, guaranteed delivery by December 24th can help you get the sales ahead of the competition.

Here’s more about the new comments rolling out today.

New shipping notes in Google Shopping

Shipping remarks allow retailers to show customers that they offer fast and free shipping.


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Prior to today, the only available annotations were either “fast” or “free”.

Now retailers can add the following:

“Free delivery before Fri. December 24 ”,“ Download before December 24 ”“ Free X-Day ”

The latter refers to free shipping promotions within X number of days, e.g. “Free 2-Day Shipping.”

Screenshot from, August 2021.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify to add shipping annotations to your product listings, you must have:

An active Merchant Center account with products subscribed to Shopping Ads and Free Listings in the United States. Tracking active web conversion in your Google Ads account. Active products in your Merchant Center account that you can identify with these annotations. Account-level shipping options are configured for special shipping promotion offers. Product feed attributes shipping label and shipping time label Product landing or detail pages and payment pages with messages that match the annotations.

New Return Annotations in Google Shopping

When setting up shopping lists, retailers can choose to provide information on return and refund policies.

Return comments give customers more confidence in their purchase, knowing that they can get a refund within a certain period of time.

Prior to today, the available annotations were generic and not applicable to any particular purchasing season, e.g. “Free 30 day return policy”.


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Now retailers can specify a specific date to which holiday purchases can be returned, e.g. “Free return until January 31.”

To set up return ads, create return policies in your Merchant Center account.

Return policies can be linked to all products, with specific product groups or even a single product by using the return_policy_label attribute in your product feed.

See Google’s announcement for more tips from Google on how to target vacationers with existing features.

Featured image: Golubovy / Shutterstock

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