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Google adds more to edit business profiles in search

Google adds more to edit business profiles in search

Google now has several ways for businesses to edit the information displayed to searchers without leaving Search or Maps.

This is an extension of the capabilities that Google started rolling out last year, allowing companies to edit basic information and notify customers of search results.

Businesses can now add or edit more details such as contact information and opening hours and create posts to share updates directly from Google Search.

Here is an overview of all the new things companies can do without leaving the search results.

Create post

Creating and publishing Google Posts has never been easier for businesses as it can now be done directly from the SERPs.

Publishing posts to Google My Business allows you to share updates with searchers, such as special offers or new products.

From next week, companies can create posts about upcoming events, including when and where they happen, even if they only happen online.

Add / update services

Companies that offer local services – such as construction, car repair or hair styling – can use the ‘Edit Profile’ menu in Search to update the services they offer and, if applicable, the local areas they service.

Accept takeout and delivery orders

Google allows food companies to accept pickup and delivery orders directly through their business profile on Google Search and Maps.


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In the coming weeks, these companies will be able to add and update online ordering options directly from Google Search.

Once Google’s ordering is enabled, companies can specify their pickup and delivery ordering options to tell customers what works best.

Companies can also add menu items to their profile from Search and Maps by clicking ‘Edit Profile’.

Help customers find pointed products

In addition to being able to manually add product information to business profiles via Search and Maps, qualified retailers in the U.S. can have all of their in-store inventory automatically added to their business profile by signing up for Pointy directly from Google Search.


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Pointy is a Google product that eliminates the need to manually enter product information.

Instead, companies can scan items in their physical store and add them to Google My Business so customers can see what’s in stock.

Registration for Pointy is currently free from now until September 30th.

To make these updates to your business profile, you must first sign in to the Google Account associated with your business.


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From there, you can type the name of your business or ‘my business’ into Google Search or tap your profile picture followed by ‘Your business profile’ on Google Maps.

Source: Google

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