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Facebook launches 4 new e-commerce features

Facebook launches 4 new e-commerce features

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp get new features that help retailers get their products in front of more customers and increase sales.

Customers are increasingly turning to Facebook as a discovery engine to find new products.

The company reports that 74% of the population uses Facebook platforms to discover brands or products online.

Certain categories of retail perform better than others. Over 85% of respondents bought a fashion, beauty, furniture or electronic product that they first discovered on a Facebook platform.

Now there are new ways for customers to discover and buy products, which means more opportunities for retailers to sell.

Today’s updates include:

Bringing stores to more places Customer reviews on Instagram Ads for stores Extended use of AR

Here are the complete details.

Facebook stores several places

Once a Facebook store is created, products are eligible to appear in the Store tabs on Instagram and Facebook.

Over a billion people use the Marketplace every month, so Facebook makes it easy for businesses to bring their stores onto the Marketplace to reach even more people.


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Businesses in the United States can now choose Marketplace as an additional sales channel.

In addition, companies in several countries can showcase their entire store in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users can browse a store’s inventory, get product information, and chat about specific items before making a purchase.

Businesses only need to set up their store once to make it work across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


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customer reviews

Over the next few months, customer ratings and reviews will expand to products in stores on Instagram.

When this feature is rolled out, it includes photos and videos from the community in addition to written reviews.

Facebook says in a message:


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“We always want shoppers to have confidence in the purchases they make, so we give people more information before they buy …

These changes will help people make more informed decisions about what to buy and will let companies know if they live up to customer expectations. ”

Personalized store ads

Facebook is launching new ads to personalize the shopping experience and point customers toward a store’s curated collection.

Store ads have the ability to send customers to the place where they are most likely to make a purchase based on previous shopping activities.


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In the future, Facebook will add ways to help companies further personalize their ads by offering special offers or promotions to select customers.

Extended access to AR Try-On function

Augmented Reality (AR) brings the “magic” of the in-store shopping experience to mobile, says Facebook, and more brands can now let customers try the products virtually.

Facebook is developing new APIs that will make it easier, faster and more cost-effective for brands and advertisers to bring AR into their catalogs.

This first rolls out to brands in the beauty category, where support comes to other verticals in the near future.


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Finally, Facebook brings AR to a new ad unit that automatically shows relevant products to people based on their interests and encourages them to “try it.”

Testing of AR-based ads is underway and will be available for more brands before the end of the year.


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Source: Facebook For Business

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