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Facebook groups can appoint subject matter experts

Facebook groups can appoint subject matter experts

In an update to Facebook groups, administrators can now assign knowledgeable members the role of expert.

Once appointed as an expert, they stand out from other members in group discussions

This allows them to be easily recognized as people who know a lot about the topic of the group and have a history of sharing that knowledge with others.

“There are more than 70 million administrators and moderators running active Facebook groups around the world. Many of these groups are home to professionals who love to share their knowledge, from fitness instructors to highly skilled craftsmen.

Now it’s easier than ever to help experts stand out in groups and offer ways in which they can engage with their community. ”


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Here is more information on how to appoint a team member as an expert and what they are able to do after accepting the role.

What is a Facebook Group Expert?

Facebook Group Administrators now have the ability to give other members a new role as “Group Expert.”

After accepting this role, group experts receive a badge next to their names, making it easier for team members to spot their comments and posts.

Here’s an example of what the badge will look like when a group expert publishes a post:

In addition, group experts can collaborate with administrators to host questions and answers, share perspectives on a topic, and answer questions.


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Facebook is rolling out the following ways for group experts to engage with other members of the community:

Answer questions: When people write a post similar to a question in their group, the post is automatically upgraded to a format that encourages others to share their insights. Live Audio: Coming this summer to Facebook groups, live audio-only conversations will offer a low-pressure path for professionals and communities to get ideas and inspiration from each other. Questions and Answers from Hosts: Conducts real-time questions and answers in a text-based format. Answered questions are displayed in an interactive stack that can be ironed, while all questions can be viewed in question and answer comments.

Another fringe group that experts receive is the ability to send automatic invitations. This allows them to invite last engaged page followers to join groups they are involved with.

How do I appoint a member as a group expert?

Follow these steps to make a member a Facebook group expert:

Navigate to the member list and search for a person by name. Select “Create Group Expert” from the members menu. Wait for the member to accept or reject the role.

Alternatively, administrators can make someone an expert from the menu on a member’s post. Note that this role can be revoked at any time.

Facebook is currently running a test that asks people to identify what topics they are familiar with in the field of fitness and games.

Administrators running groups related to fitness and games can then search for these topics to find knowledgeable individuals and send them invitations to join the group.


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There is no word on whether this functionality will be extended to other topics. It probably depends on feedback from this initial test.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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