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Facebook ads announce targeting updates, Instagram store ads, and more

Facebook ads announce targeting updates, Instagram store ads, and more

Facebook has announced updates to the way they handle privacy for minors, launched new ad placement tests, and developed a new tool for advertisers.

Targeting ads to minors on Facebook

Following on the heels of Google Ads’ latest announcement of changes in the way advertisers will target minors, Facebook is announcing a similar change.

Facebook has begun delivering messages in the user interface and warns advertisers of upcoming changes in the way they will handle targeting Facebook users under the age of 18, as shown below in a screenshot shared by Akvile DeFazio, President of Akvertise.


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Forward: From August 23, Facebook will make changes related to age targeting.

– Akvile DeFazio (@AkvileDeFazio) August 11, 2021

The announcement states: As of August 23, many targeting options, including detailed targeting and customized audiences, will no longer be available to people under the age of 18 globally, 20 in Thailand, or 21 in Indonesia. For new ads that include young people, you can only target by location, age, and gender.

Facebook’s new campaign idea generator

Facebook recently launched a new idea generator, a tool designed to help propose new campaign ideas. To use the tool, advertisers connect their vertical and whether the content is seasonal or not. After clicking submit, Facebook displays campaign ideas as well as data and insights and resources.


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In an effort to make it easy to get started quickly with some pre-existing copies that companies can draw from. However, a quick test of the tool seems to indicate that their message proposals do not vary much from vertical to vertical, including “Chill out this winter with self-care packages to 20% off” messaging options for automotive and financial services.

As part of the tool, Facebook has also created organic post ideas and assets that companies can use freely.

Testing new ad placements on Instagram stores

In an article by AdWords, it was shared that Instagram has started testing ads in the Instagram Shop tab.

Ads appear on the Instagram Shop home page. Clicking on the ads gives users the opportunity to see additional images, read product information and see other products, pretty much the same as the experience when browsing organic store tabs on Instagram.

At this time, this ad placement will only be available to advertisers in the United States


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Source: Instagram starts testing ads in the Instagram Shop tab (

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