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Extensions to customer forms, hotel ads and more

leadform extensions google ads editor

Google Ads released Google Ads Editor 1.7 with new features including easier downloads, audio ads and more!

Later downloads

Users can improve download speeds by selecting only certain sections of campaigns to download.

Now, instead of choosing the specific campaigns that advertisers plan to work with, they can simply select the specific parts of the campaigns that they plan to work with.

Extensions to customer forms

Previously only available through the user interface, extensions to customer forms were released in 2019, allowing users to add a customer form to their ads, allowing leads to fill out the form without ever leaving the SERP. Since their first release, users could only create or edit extensions to customer forms in the user interface.


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Users can now download, edit and create extensions for customer forms in Google Ads Editor. Extensions to customer forms.

YouTube Audio Ads

Similarly, YouTube Audio Ads, released in 2020, was previously only available for setup directly in the user interface. Audio ads can now be configured through Google Ads Editor.

Hotel ads

Users can now use the Google Ads Editor to manage hotel ads, which are feed-based ads that help hotel advertisers promote the prices and availability of their properties on any given day.


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Since 2018, hotel ads have been available but only available to work on via the Google Ads UI.

Additional recommendations

Google now also supports additional types of recommendations, including:

Solve ad destinations Use impression share bidding Bid more efficiently with Maximize ClicksUse broad-matched versions of your keywordsBidd more efficiently with Maximize conversion valueAdd image extensions to your adsSet a target ROASAdd call extensions to your ads

About Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a tool that enables advertisers to make huge changes en masse, making it easy and straightforward to make optimizations and edits across multiple keywords, ads, ad groups, and / or campaigns. With Google Ads Editor, changes are made offline before being sent live. By making adjustments offline, advertisers provide better control and visibility of changes before they are pressed live.


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Advertisers can download the latest version of Google Ads Editor here.

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