Are exchanged or reciprocal links okay with Google?
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Can a crawl of Googlebot Desktop cause an indexing delay?

Can a crawl of Googlebot Desktop cause an indexing delay?

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about whether it’s important for speed indexing if Googlebot Mobile or Googlebot Desktop crawls a page. The person asking the question was concerned about slow indexing and wanted to know if that was the reason why it was crawled by the Googlebot desktop (instead of the Googlebot mobile).

Googlebot Desktop and mobile

Google has a wealth of site crawlers that follow from link to link, discovering new web pages for crawling and indexing.

If you look at your traffic logs, you can see:

Googlebot DesktopGooglebot SmartphoneGooglebot ImageMediaPartners-Google (Mobile AdSense) FeedFetcher-GoogleGoogle-Read-AloudAdsBot-GoogleGooglebot-Video


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These are just a few of the Google-related Google crawlers that can visit a site.

The question John Mueller answered primarily concerned Googlebot Desktop and Googlebot Smartphone, and what impact the desktop version indexing may have.

This is the question:

“Our site’s posts are indexed after one week. The site is old and mobile friendly.

When I submit URLs in inspection tools, it shows that it has been crawled by Google smartphone.

However, in the About section, the indexing crawler appears as Googlebot Desktop.

Does this mean that the Smartphone bot is crawling the URL and the Desktop bot is indexing this URL?

Is that the reason for the indexing delay? ”


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John Mueller’s answer:

“This would not be a reason for any kind of indexing problems.

I do not immediately know why you might see this mix of desktop and mobile crawlers there.

It may just be that the Search Console is essentially saying well, by default the inspection tool will just use the mobile Googlebot.

In practice, we always crawl with both of these crawlers.

It’s just a matter of how much we crawl and index with any of these crawlers.

So usually you see 80% coming from Googlebot mobile and maybe 20% from desktop Googlebot.

And that kind of relationship, it’s essentially normal and does not mean that things are slower than anything else. ”

Multiple versions of Googlebot Crawl Websites

Google’s Googlebot Support Page indicates that both versions of Googlebot visit web pages.

According to official Google documentation:

“Your site is likely to be crawled by both Googlebot Desktop and Googlebot Smartphone.

You can identify the subtype of Googlebot by looking at the user agent string in the request. ”

According to Mueller and Google, it is perfectly normal to be crawled by both, and there is no indexing effect related to being crawled by Googlebot Desktop.


Google’s Googlebot Page

Google Overview of Google Crawlers (User Agents)

Does Googlebot Desktop Crawl Predominantly Cause Index Delay?

Watch the video at the 34:28 minute mark


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