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Build smart email campaigns to create results

Build smart email campaigns to create results

“Build smart email campaigns that create results.”

It’s the promise of Moosend, an email marketing solution that also offers landing pages, subscription forms and marketing automation.

In this Moosend review I will explain the features of the product. I will also review Moosend’s prices so you know what you’re getting into.

Moosend Review: Email Marketing

In this part of the Moosend review, I will explain how the tool helps you create beautiful emails.

You can do this using its rich email editor, a feature that allows you to add text, insert images, add videos, and include interactive elements in your emails.

And you can do it all without knowing anything about HTML.

This is because the tool includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build excellent emails that fit your brand and get the message out about your products.

If you lack creativity, it’s no problem. Moosend comes packed with email templates you can use to get the ball rolling. You can also change any template to better reflect your marketing strategy.

The tool also lets you create your own template for later use, if that’s how you scroll.

When it comes to designing your email, you can add images and videos, as I mentioned above, but you can also add smart design elements such as custom fonts and countdown timers that help generate demand.

Moreover: You do not have to crawl all over cyberspace looking for image assets. Simply use the Moosend editor’s image selector to find the perfect image that matches your message.

You also get the opportunity to add some personalization to your marketing. Start by using tags that fill in important details about each recipient, such as his or her first name.

Review of Moosend: Personalized Customer PersonalizationReview of Moosend: Personalized Customer Personalization

But Moosend customization does not stop there. The tool lets you include conditional blocks that only appear to recipients that match specific criteria.

And you can include product recommendations tailored to each recipient’s buying habits.

That kind of personalization will give you more engagements, more openings, more clicks and more sales.

By the way: The emails you create will be responsive. This means they will look great on any device, whether it’s as big as a desktop screen or as small as an iPhone display port.

Additionally, you are not limited to just simple emails with Moosend. You can also create newsletters.

You will do this with the same user-friendly interface that you use to create emails.

Finally, like any good email marketing tool, Moosend lets you split your strategy.

For example, you can send out two identical emails that match in every way except the subject. Then find out which topic got the most open.

Then send the rest of your emails with the winning topic.

Moosend A / B test for email marketingMoosend A / B test for email marketing

Moosend Review: Segmentation

In this part of the Moosend review, I will explain how the tool helps with segmentation.

How would you quickly and easily segment your email distribution list by demographic information such as age and gender?

Moosend review of audience segmentationMoosend review of audience segmentation

Good news: you can do it with Moosend.

But you can get bigger. The tool allows you to further define segments by key data points such as purchase history and the number of times they have viewed your products.

Here is a list of some other criteria you can use to define a market segment:

Date Added to Email Distribution List Number of Campaigns OpenNumber of Campaigns Clicked Campaign Name Device Type Operating SystemEmail ClientWeb BrowserMobile BrowserSubscription MethodAdded Product to Cart Add to CartChecked for Double Signup

Take advantage of the Mosend segmentation feature to put some laser-like targeting into your email marketing campaigns.

And while doing so, throw in some of the personalization that I mentioned in the previous section and you end up in the marketing sky.

Landing pages with Moosend

When it comes to email marketing, you will often want to include URLs in your emails that point to landing pages.

Well, you also need to design these landing pages. And they need to do a good job of selling your products.

Landing pages are just a continuation of the marketing efforts you started with your emails.

You can build them with the help of the powerful WYSIWYG editor I mentioned earlier. The landing page editor contains all the same types of features.

The tool also offers lots of templates if you do not want to create something from scratch (and why should you?) Choose the template you like best and update it with your branding and messages.

Examples of templates from MoosendExamples of templates from Moosend

And the pages also load in a snap. This will prevent you from losing conversions due to slow loads.

Finally, yes, landing pages are responsive just like emails and newsletters.

Subscription forms

Before you can send emails to people on a distribution list, you need to build that distribution list.

You can do this with Moosend subscription forms.

Formats include:

Model pop-upInline formLiquid barLiquid boxFull page

Choose the form style you like and customize it so that it resonates with your audience.

Then decide when, where and how it will appear.

You might prefer an exit-intention pop-up (I do) that limits interruptions but still gives people a chance to learn more about what you offer.

Or you may want to show your visitors a subscription form once they have rolled down a third of the page.

You have control.

Customizable subscription forms with MoosendCustomizable subscription forms with Moosend

MooSend helps you win with marketing automation

Email marketing and marketing automation go hand in hand these days.

Why? Because they work perfectly together to create drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns, if you are not familiar with them, are automated email marketing campaigns that send out emails on a regular basis. The idea is to keep your brand in front of a potential customer over time while creating engagement.

Hopefully the recipient will be a loyal customer at the end of the drip campaign.

And you can run exactly those kinds of campaigns with Moosend.

Additionally, you can create rules that customize the next path in the drip campaign. For example, you can send an email to recipients who opened the previous email and another email to those who did not.

These types of set of rules allow you to add even more personalization to your email marketing strategy.

Moosend Review: Analytics

Last but not least, Moosend gives you access to a powerful reporting component that helps you update your marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness.

To begin with, the tool gives you a bird’s eye view of how your campaigns are performing. Gain insight into total and unique open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, forwards and deregistrations.

Moosend also shows you info about your recipients’ other activities while they run wild in cyberspace. That kind of detail will give you even more ideas on how to create targeted marketing messages in the future.

The tool also shows you a world map that identifies where specific members of your email distribution list are located.

Customer placements on a map

And if you’ve keen on device-driven marketing, Moosend will show you which devices your customers are using.

Review of Moosend: Pricing

Moosend starts for free.

If you do not have more than 1,000 subscribers and you do not need landing pages, priority support or access for team members, then you do not pay a penny.

But it is not that expensive if you want more features. For only $ 8 pr. month you get all the features I described above plus:

Transactional emails Landing pages Phone supportSMTP server5 team members

The price increases from there based on how many subscribers you have.

As for Moosend vs. Mailchimp, the price for Mailchimp also starts at $ 0 per. month for up to 2,000 contacts.

Moosend's price structureMoosend’s price structure


If you like what you’ve read about Moosend but are still not sure, why not take the product on a test drive?

Just sign up for the free service. You can do a whole lot with it and not pay anything.

So, if you like what you see, then go for a cheap upgrade.

And keep upgrading while your business keeps expanding.

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